This year we have all been very spoilt with amazing advent calendars. We will be counting down to Christmas Day in style with treats and toys galore. Here are the advent calendars we will be opening this December, plus some others that are on the wish list for next year!

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LEGO City Advent Calendar

For our 4 year old master builder it had to be a Lego calendar this year. She usually has a felt Christmas tree which we fill with chocolate coins and the occasional small treat such as hair clips, so she is going to be over the moon with this. Although she will still want a chocolate calendar too!


VTech Baby Toot-Toot Drivers Advent Calendar

Clara’s main present this Christmas will be some items from the Vtech Toot Toot range, so this advent calendar is perfect for her. It comes with a sleigh which plays Christmas songs, as well as lots of accessories which will be a great introduction to the Toot Toot series.


Benefit 12 Days of Christmas Calendar

I was pleasantly surprised when my Husband went out early one Saturday morning to collect this for me – I think he was sick of me mentioning it last year so he made sure I got one before they sold out this time! It includes 12 beauty treats, and I’m looking forward to discovering some new make up in time for the festive season.


Lindt Advent Calendar

As the Benefit calendar is a 12 day one, my Hubby bought me this one too, so I will have something to open everyday in December. With yummy Lindt balls and a chocolate bunny, this is a sweet treat that this Mummy will not be sharing!


And the best of the rest…

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