Half term week we were mainly getting excited for Halloween. My nieces were staying for a few days so we had lots of fun activities planned. We made spider-web cakes, decorated a haunted gingerbread house, put up some spooky decorations and carved pumpkins. We went to Muncaster Castle where the girls dressed up and did some crafts. Izzy even tried archery, although she was a bit too small. She was still really excited that she was able to give it a go, however she was disappointed she couldn’t hit the target.

Evenings were spent playing games and watching films (Casper and Nightmare Before Christmas) and there were a lot of late nights, which meant one very grumpy Izzy. On Saturday we went trick or treating and Clara very quickly got the hang of it. She kept delving into the sweetie bowls and filling up her treat bag – at one point she even gave her bag to one of our neighbours to hold so she had both hands free for sweets! Of course we told her to just take one but it was quite funny. Luckily we only visited neighbours that we know, so no one minded. Plus she looked super cute dressed as a cat while Izzy rocked a witches outfit.


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