Izzy went to her first ever school disco – and she loved it. Afterwards she was telling me about all the songs she had been dancing to (she loved Uptown Funk, they didn’t play Little Mix much to her disgust and she doesn’t like the Conga apparently!) I was very proud of her when she told me she had used some of her pennies to buy sweets for one of her friends who didn’t have any money with him. That was really sweet of her.

Friday was the last day of school before Half Term. We have survived a whole half term! Ok we have been late a couple of times and forgotten something at least once a week but on the whole we have survived. Izzy loves school and she has settled in really well – I think she will miss it this week!

Izzy graduated from the baby pool this week, moving on to Stage 4 in her swimming lessons. Her first lesson in the big pool went ok – she can’t touch the bottom so she actually has to swim rather than just jumping and running across the pool, and she did some really good swimming both with and without a float. Unfortunately she is also not very strong and she kept getting swept away from the edge of the pool – and her instructor had to go in the pool fully clothed to retrieve her at one point. She was treading water but kept slipping under. She wasn’t panicking though and was happy to continue with the lesson, which amused everyone! It’s going to be hard work for her but we’ll see how it goes over the next few lessons.


We met up with some friends in the Lake District and despite a bit of whining from Izzy, she did walk pretty well around Grasmere – almost 4 miles. Clara was quite bemused in the carrier, which she is getting a bit big for.


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