Looking for some inspiration for Halloween? Try a few of these activities for a spooky celebration.


1. Carve some pumpkins. Younger kids can draw faces onto the pumpkins for the grown ups to carve. Izzy drew lots of little teeth on hers just to make it hard for me! Instead of candles, you could use battery operated tea lights or glow sticks.

2. Create your own haunted house with flashing pumpkins, glow in the dark skeletons and creepy spider chandeliers. Poundland have a great selection of decorations and accessories.

3. Dress for the occasion. Asda have some awesome outfits starting at just a few quid. Izzy and Clara are dressing up as a witch and a cat for trick or treating!

4. Get crafty. Pumpkin plates, hand print bats and footprint ghosts are some favourites, but Pinterest has loads of spooky inspiration.

5. Get baking. Whip up some orange buttercream and add Halloween-themed sprinkles, or cover cupcakes with chocolate to create spiderwebs. Prebaked gingerbread houses can be made into scary haunted mansions.

6. Have a family film night with some ghostly classics. We picked Casper up for £3 in Tesco today!

Happy Halloween!

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