Izzy spent time with her Grandparents. She had a sleepover at Nana and Grandad’s house in Manchester, and they took her to see Disney on Ice. She had no idea where she was going – even after she had been to get her hair done and put on a brand new cinderella dress and sparkly shoes, it was a complete surprise. She loved it. “There was real ice and real snow and… and real ICE!….and real cars. ON ICE!” I’ve never been before but I can’t wait to book tickets for next year!


I spent time with my friends on a Hen Party in Glasgow. We travelled in style in a Limo, prosecco and karaoke on the go, (and also sandwiches and dairylea dunkers, because we are old and have learnt to line our stomachs that’s just how we roll!) Friday night we tried our hand at cocktail making in Revolution, which was great fun. We called it a night about 10pm as we had been drinking since lunch time.


Saturday I made some good progress with Christmas shopping before we got glammed up for a meal, wine and dancing at the Corinthian Club. We were more on it than the previous evening – I headed back to the hotel at 1.30 but most of the hen party rocked up about 4am! It was a fairly tame weekend, which is what happens when your group is mainly made up of 30 odd year old mums – now I look forward to weekends away as its nice to get a lie in and have someone else cooking breakfast! Glasgow was really good for shopping and for night life, and the Grand Central Hotel was very  posh. I’m already planning a return trip with the Hubby to do our Christmas shopping next year!


Clara spent time with Daddy while Izzy and I were both away. They had lots of fun visiting Keswick and scaring the elderly with Halloween masks.


I got huge hugs from my girls when I got home, Clara kept throwing her arms around my neck. I think I was missed!

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