If there is one thing guaranteed to put a smile on Clara’s face, it’s food. As soon as she spies a hint of a snack her face breaks into a cheeky grin, and she would happily eat all day long if I let her. Even though she is a big fan of fruit and vegetables, it can still be hard to make sure that she is eating well and not having too much sugar or junk food. I’m always on the look out for different snack and meal ideas, to make sure she not only has a healthy diet, but gets to try a variety of different flavours.

20151015_123240 (1)We were kindly sent some Coconut Squishies to review. Coconut Squishies are the latest addition to the Heavenly range of organic snacks – Heavenly also produce Wafer Wisps, which Clara tested a few months ago.

The Squishies contain fruit, coconut milk and a splash of lemon juice, and each pouch is one of a child’s recommended “five a day”. The pouches come in two flavours – Banana, Apple and Mango, and Banana, Apple and Strawberry, and Clara gave both a try.


To quote my other daughter, Izzy, Clara “wolfed it down”. She loved both flavours and ate them in no time at all. She is 16 months and at the stage now where she really wants to feed herself, and for the most part manages quite well but lacks some control with the spoon. So she loves these because she can just eat the fruit straight from the pouch! They are really convenient when we are out and about too and I always try to have one in my bag.

She’s tried some similar snacks before, made exclusively with fruit, but I like that these contain coconut milk and added calcium. Coconut is rich in fibre and a ton of vitamins and minerals, so it has lots of health benefits, plus its lactose free so great if your little one has allergies.

Heavenly Coconut Squishies are available from Ocado and are suitable for babies aged 6 months plus.

We were sent two boxes in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.


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