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We are hosting our first ever competition! To celebrate 50 years of Tiny Tears, John Adams Toys are offering my lovely readers the chance to win a classic Tiny Tears doll.

Last week Izzy reviewed one of the dolls, and now you could win one in time for Christmas! Tiny Tears

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me what your favourite Christmas present was that you received as a child. It’s that easy!

Everyone who leaves a comment on this post will be entered into a prize draw and a winner will be picked at random.

The closing date is 5pm on Monday 26th October 2015.


Terms and Conditions

  • One winner will be picked at random and will be notified by email within 48 hours of the closing date.
  • The competition is only open to entrants with a UK postal address.
  • Only one entry per person – additional comments will not be counted.
  • The prize is one classic Tiny Tears doll. The prize will be sent directly from John Adams Toys.

124 comments on “Win a Tiny Tears Doll! Our first give-away!”

  1. My best Christmas gift was when I was about 6, I wanted a cabbage patch kid as they were all the rage, but I got a broccoli babe as we couldn’t afford the real deal. My mum convinced me they were even more special 😍

  2. I had a trike with an extra seat on the back that I used to take my little brother about on.That was my favourite.

  3. mum & dad (well, santa!) got me a wendy house for the garden – its still there now! apparently they had it delivered weeks before christmas and i never once asked what the tarp was covering ha!

  4. Dream glow barbie. Please google her and I’m sure you will remember! She had a beautiful princess dress with stars that glowed in the dark. I loved her! Still miss her now!

  5. I got an amazing doll back in Christmas ’83 when I was 4, she had amazing brown hair, eyelashes, she moved her head when you pressed her arm and she smelled of vanilla <3 Gosh I loved that doll! x

  6. My best toy was a Girls World. You know, one of those seriously creepy head and shoulder things where you can practice styling hair? My brother violated her on day 1 and coloured in the whites of her eyes with biro, but I still loved her. My first ever job was a hairdresser so I guess I owe that to her!

  7. My best present was being taken to DisneyWorld for Christmas – I didn’t get much in the way of actual Christmas presents as they couldn’t take loads in the suitcase but I did get to have breakfast on Christmas morning with Mickey and Minnie and the gang, I had a stocking which had some new jelly shoes and minnie mouse socks and some chocolate and candy canes in and then I spent the day at the Magic Kingdom park which was crazy busy. I was 5 🙂 it started my life long love of all things Disney 😀

  8. my very favourite xmas present ever was of course my tiny tears. I loved that doll if i wasnt pushing her in a pram i was bathing her.We are talking back in the 70’s here, so the quality wasnt what it is now .The doll took in water when bathed and every time you picked her up for days after she made slooshing sounds where her belly was still full of water…it took an age to dry her out !!!!

  9. My best present ever was my Teddy Bear and I called him Edward Bear. I still have him x Love him still as sits in my bedroom x

  10. I had wanted the Big Yellow Teapot for ages but Dad couldnt find it so I ended up with a Major Morgan instead….still never got the teapot though..ever!!

  11. I loved my chemistry kit – parents thought it would be educational but were scared to death when I started experimenting lol x

  12. Oh that’s a toughie, I do remember getting my very own tiny tears and being utterly amazed at her crying and having a wee! But I think my most favourite was probably when I got my little red bicycle. It had a bell on the front and a baby seat on the back. I LOVED that little bike.

  13. Hi , I had a doll that was called a magic nursery doll, if you kissed her cheek a star or heart would magically appear.
    Also you git a paper nappies that would tell you if your doll was a boy or girl by changing blue or pink in water 🙂 super magical memories. My 2 girls love dolls and I’m sure this would make them very happy . Xx

  14. when i was little in the late 70s and from a family of 10 and been the youngest we only got 1 or 2 things and i got a ceramic tea set and i played with it on special occasions,im now 42 and still have this in my loft in its original box with the tag love mam and dad on it and no i havent let my children play with it.i valued anything i got when i was little

  15. It had to be my Mr Frosty! I loved making yummy ice treats for my family… my dad wasn’t impressed when I crushed up a pack of his cigarettes into it as I thought he’d like it as he loved smoking… oops 😀

  16. My favourite Christmas present was a pogo stick, all my friends had one but I had to wait until Christmas for mine and I didn’t know I was getting one

  17. My favourite toy was a horse drawn caravan for my Sylvanian families I used to spend all my pocket money on the figures and used to get the buildings as birthday/Christmas presents! 😊

  18. My favourite gift that I received as a child has to be a pair of disco roller skates. I still remember going outside in them for the first time (after a few falls and stumbles indoors) and I saw a few of my friends all got the same thing that year. We had great times zooming around together once we all got the hang of them.

  19. I had a Playmobil swimming pool and it was amazing! I can’t believe my parents actually trusted me with water in my bedroom haha x

  20. I loved my speak and spell! I was pleased I was the first in my class to spell scissors! I also loved th Christmas when my sister and I sneaked downstairs and had a peak at our current player! Then went back home and acted surprised on the day x

  21. The best Christmas present I recieved as a child is probably my barbie car. An actual car that I drove, in the street. It was pink and white and I was in it 24/7. Even starting driving it inside the house. Then all my brothers mates was playing in it, and they broke it. I was devastated!

  22. I think it was probably the year that I got a big Barbie Mansion type thing, I absolutely loved it, I think I would have been about 5 or 6, me and my mum spent hours making carpets and rugs for the rooms out of Quality Street and Roses foil wrappers! We also made little lamps and pictures. I loved that house, it even had a lift to get to the top floor 😀

  23. I had a Womble book and a Womble (Orrinoco) teddy, The book I must have read a hundred times to myself, my children and now my Grandchildren. Orrinoco sits in my bedroom and nobody is aloud to touch it. They are over 35 years old.

  24. Oh mine was my Sindy Doll bedroom set, a new doll and some outfits to go with the doll. I remember it so well as my sister got a radio cassette player and Mull of Kintyre was number one. She played that will I happily played with my new toys 💗

  25. wow I can’t believe these are still around! I remember asking Santa for one when I was around 5, I was so happy when I pulled her out of my stocking on Christmas Day one of the most memorable gifts I’d ever received – my daughter would love a tiny tears doll, I’m sure she’d love it just as much as I did as a child

  26. My best Xmas present as a child was a my little pony castle which I had when I was 5 and also a keykeepers snail and a gloworm x Wish these toys were still around!!

  27. I grew up in the olden days, ha ha, (I am 61) and times were hard, although we didn’t realise that while we were growing up. kids. The present I remember most was a paper cut out doll that I could put paper ‘clothes’ on. I spent hours designing new clothes for her to wear. Guess what my profession was when I grew up! A dress designer? Noooo, I worked in banking in the hope I could afford better gifts for my 3 sons, he he.

  28. it was a tiny tears dolls bottle potty and bath in 1975 i think it was we moved house and my mum made us giveaway some of our toys , i remember giving her to a friends little sister sasha ,. i was a little heartbroken i cant lie x

  29. as a jehovah’s witness we did not celebrate xmas so instead we was given presents all year round. my fave was a tiny little piano keyboard with song book and i use to play twinkle twinkle all day long lol.
    I think thats why im so over the top now with xmas and try and make sure my kids get what they want from santa as i always felt a bit sad when my friends was opening and talking about xmas presents.
    I had my first real xmas at 19 and it was AMAZING lol.
    Sorry for the novel.

  30. My favourite Christians present as a child was my pet chinchilla charlie after years of begging my parents to get me one I opened an envelope on Xmas day and cried as it was a photo of a chinchilla and I thought they was taking the mick. My dad said turn it over and it read something like hi Katie I’m charlie your new pet chinchilla go look in the other room… I cried and cried he was a lovely pet miss him lots xx

  31. I loved my Sindy working kitchen and shower. Loved the way the hob lit up and made a bubbling noise and had a working tap.

  32. Being an 80s child, carebears were all the rage and I was so delighted to receive a carebear cousin called Lionheart Lion. I used to have regular nightmares as a child and he used to kinda be my talisman for being brave and not crying every night for my mum when I woke up from having one. I still have my entire Carebears collection and will pass them down to my little girl 🙂

  33. I really loved the tiny tears doll I had as a child of the 70s. It was the must have girls toy then, imagine the excitement of getting it to wee all over my brothers bed!

  34. My favourite present was a pink racer (for all you youngsters a racer is a bicycle) it was so pretty and I was very proud of it.

  35. What a lovely giveaway, thank you! I loved my tiny tears doll….molly was her name 🙂 I always wanted mr frosty for christmas……i never got it…..till i was 21 lol of my mom and dad. They said it was something they wished they could get me at the time. My girls and I got to play with it together 🙂 x

  36. I had a Tiny Tears doll when I was about 3 and I loved her. She went everywhere with me. I would love to win a doll and I wonder if she will go to work with me? Lol.

  37. I was only 7 when Tiny Tears was ‘born’. EVERY little girl had one except me! I begged my parents to buy me one but that considered them too expensive – I was heartbroken!

    I think my favourite pressie that I can remember was a little wooden baby grand piano – I loved that to pieces.

  38. Tiny tears will always be my favourite , my eldest daughter ( now 21) had ” my first tiny tears ” , even my son ( now 23 ) had ” tiny tears timmy ” .
    This would make a lovely surprise doll for my surprise little girl ameilya who is 3 yrs old xxx

  39. It has to be My Little Pony – Apple Jack , I went totally mad for him but mum was unable to purchase him at time , then 18 yrs later i finally get him as a surprise Xmas gift 😊

  40. My best Christmas present was a wooden dolls house that someone had made by hand. It was beautiful and even had wallpaper and carpets

  41. Mine was my story telling mother goose shes all fluffy and had a big now and floppy hat, you put a cassette in the side and her eyes and mouth would move as she told a story…. And I still have her nearly 30 years later

  42. This is going to sound very cliché but my favourite present was the tiny tears doll in 1996-7 I believe. I was around 5/6 years old if I remember correctly and I remember loving the doll so much because of its cheekiness that it actually weed haha.. I remember playing with my dolls for hours on end. I would love to pass the excitement on to my son as he is showing an interest in dolls (who says boys can’t role play) my daughter on the other hand is all into her technology and was never into dolls.

  43. My best Christmas present was a Spirograph! I loved making patterns and it had been on my Christmas and Birthday list for a few years before I got it. Can you tell I was consistent 🙂

  44. This was my favourite doll when I was a little girl , I’m 43 now and it brings back many happy memories seeing it again. I can still remember how excited I was when I unwrapped it. My fave christmas present ever.

  45. My best Christmas gift was when I was 6 I Kicked of at my mum for weeks for one was speak and spell I know there old now not even about but helped me so much in school I was able to learn fast and self teach my self spellings back then was a Number one toy .I love one now for my daughter but sadly now not Possible .x

  46. Mine was my own Tiny Tears doll..and believe it or not i still have it..well my mum does! Sits in her bedroom on a white whicker chair. She keeps saying to me take it home, but no would much rather my mum kept her until the time comes when she comes to me and then will pass down to my own daughter. She must be about 47 – 48 years old!

  47. I was doll obsessed so was in love with my two cabbage patch dolls that I got one Christmas, it was magical for me. My daughter is also doll obsessed! Fancy that 😆😆 x

  48. I got a second hand computer it was so old it was made of wood! I loved and played tennis a lot which was just a little line on each side of the screen that had to hit the spot

  49. When I was 6 I really really wanted a desk so I could play teachers, and was so excited when I woke up and found santa had left me one but what was even better santa had left his screwdriver in the desk (which happened to red aswell) and for the next few years after that I believed I had Santa’s screwdriver. (My dad kept it in a safe place for me ha ha)

  50. My favourite was a ceramic jar from my dad’s friend. The lid had a pile of wrapped sweers, also ceramic and this is where you opened the jar from. Inside was a selection of Quality Street chocolates. I still have the jar. It was so exciting and different in those days.

    As for the prize, I never really played with dolls but now as a father, I help my daughter wrap her teddy in a blanket and try on a few of her clothes. A doll would be a nice upgrade for her.

    • I had one but I think the novelty wore off pretty soon! Izzy has got her eye on an Olaf from Frozen one that is similar to Mr Frosty.

  51. my favourite xmas present as a child was a doll called Katy Copycat…she sat at a desk..and i sat at the opposite side, then whatever picture i drew or words i wrote, she copied …

  52. I loved Play-Doh, had all kinds of stuff that went along with it. I also had a similar doll to tiny tear, but I dont think it was the original one.

  53. I had a space hopper that became my soul mate for the next 3 years. We bounced up and down many a street and through friends’ homes etc. I was heartbroken when it finally deflated – I had customised it with twinkles, sprinkles, glitter and a huge smiling face!

  54. It’s like my past coming back to make me misty eyed , My favourite toy as a child was a Tiny Tears that cried and wet herself , she was my baby for years and I carried her everywhere with me , even to school …back in the 70s Dolls were cool and every little girl wanted to be a mummy .I’d love to win one for my Granddaughter so she can have the same memories as me , maybe in 50 years time she’ll be doing the same for her grandchildren 😀

  55. My most favourite present was a double twin pram my parents got me when I was roughly 9. There was a huge box in the hallway for weeks and my Mum kept on telling me it was a washing machine haha. Turned out it was the twin pram I wanted!

  56. I had a furby that my poor mum spent months searching the shops for! I loved it and it was the best present ever, well until it got annoying I couldnt find the off button so I hid it under all my clothes in the wardrobe lol!! x

  57. I used to have a doll that looked life like. It went everywhere with me. I loved that doll. Till my brother shoved it in a cement mixer.

  58. A sindy Hair dryer that really worked. you put sindy under it and pressed the button and it blew real Air. It just astounded me, it was the first toy I had got that worked with batteries lol 🙂

  59. My favourite christmas present was a big nude baby doll bought from Woolworths and my Nanna had made loads of baby doll clothing for it oh how i did love that doll

  60. My Barbie Dreamhouse, i remember begging my mum and dad for one. and i still remember how happy i felt when i came downstairs and it was there, mum had unpacked it, and set it up ready , i played with it right up until xmas dinner before realising i hadn’t opened any other gifts.

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