This week we have mainly been…

Feeling proud
Izzy took part in her first ever Harvest Festival, singing ‘Apples on a tree’ with the rest of her class in the Church. She was so proud, wearing a headband with a large picture of a sausage on it (one of the verses was ‘sausage in a pan’ – it did make sense!). She walked in gripping the hand of one of her friends and the huge grin never left her face the whole time. Afterwards, while Izzy went back to class, we went to the school hall for tea and cakes (I had made some to donate the day before, which I’m pleased to say had all vanished by the time we got there!)

Settling into school
Ok so I may have forgotten Izzy’s cardigan, snack and PE kit, on three separate days, but we are all slowly settling into the routine of school life. One day I also forgot a change of clothes so she ended up going to a birthday party in her school uniform. Not that she minded. But it was yet another parental fail over a few long, tiring days, which served as another reminder that it is hard trying to juggle work and home life. We have a good system in place, but it doesn’t take much to throw it all off balance. If you can’t tell, I’ve been feeling quite tired and sorry for myself this week!

Having a night off
The Hubby and I managed a rare night out for a friend’s 40th birthday celebrations. Great food, a large glass of wine (just the one) and no kids for a few hours = Friday night bliss. I say rare night out – the nights out aren’t so rare but nights out together are. Hubby was then out all day Saturday so the girls and I mainly had a lazy day watching films on the sofa.

This week on the blog… 

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