Clara is almost 16 months old, and her little, or should that be big, personality is really starting to shine through.

It’s hard not to compare her to Izzy, but while they do share some similar traits, they are both quite different and Clara has an amazing personality all of her own. Sometime, I worry that with Izzy’s confidence and energy, Clara will never get a look in, but instead she is really started to assert her independence and show Izzy that she is not the boss!


I’ve been really bad at keeping up to date with the monthly update, so this is actually a three
month one – here’s an update of her development from 13 to 16 months old.


  • Clara got her first pair of shoes – and from that moment she hasn’t stopped running around! Three months ago she was just taking her first wobbly steps but now she is confident on her feet. She loves wearing her shoes and when we are getting ready to leave the house she likes to get her shoes from the kitchen and go sit on the bottom stair ready to get them on.
  • Clara had her first – and second – sleepover just before she turned 14 months old. Both times she was absolutely fine, although I did get huge hugs the next day!
  • Our little star took part in her first ever vlog, for Pampers. As part of this, she also painted freely for the first time, which she seemed to like (although apparently paint doesn’t taste very nice!)
  • Unfortunately, Clara also had her very first trip to A&E after somehow ripping a flap of skin inside her mouth. She was fine, we just wanted to be on the safe side, but hopefully we won’t be going back there for a while. *Frantically looks around for some wood to touch*.

Her favourite things 
Whether its playing the harmonica or the piano, Clara loves to make noise! She has started to learn the actions to some songs, including Round and Round the Garden, and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (though she usually misses out her shoulders!). Ring-a-roses is another firm favourite, which she likes to play with me and Izzy.

She has also started showing an interest in the television, and loves watching In the Night Garden. We call her our little Maka Paka as she is very good at tidying up and likes to clean everything with wet wipes!

Her favourite toys at the moment are dolls and cars – she likes to give ‘Baba’ hugs and a bottle of milk, and she will lie on the floor pushing the cars around ‘brum, brum’.

Big sister, little sister 
Clara and Izzy love each other so much – we really couldn’t ask for more. However, Izzy likes to take over and tell Clara what to do, and Clara is now starting to challenge her. There have been a few tears and falling outs over toys, and Izzy can be quite rough with her. She always forgets that Clara is a lot smaller than her! She is very good at being a big sister though, and encourages Clara in a very condescending motherly tone. At the soft play they love to play on a climbing frame with two small sides. They sit at the top and Izzy says ‘Ready, steady…’, then Clara shouts ‘Goooooooo’.

She suddenly went from showing no interest at all in animals to being very aware of them – pointing and shouting whenever she sees a dog or a bird in the street. She’s also discovered our fish tank and she has had lots of fun visiting some animal parks over the summer holidays. However, she really doesn’t like it when dogs go anywhere near her – she starts to cry and tugs my leg until I pick her up – yet she was fine with this goat!

Clara insists on feeding herself. All the time. Which gets very messy. However, we are very lucky as she will eat most things and she’s very good at trying new foods. She loves chilli and curry, and at nursery the ladies are very impressed that Clara always clears her plate! Now she knows where we keep the snacks she often gets a plate or bowl, then goes to the snack cupboard and takes out a packet of Pom Bears, which she has recently discovered. Then she quite likes to go and hide in the play tent to eat them, I think so she has some peace and quiet!

Finding her voice
Clara is becoming a lot more vocal, although most of the time it is in the form of various ‘oohs’, ‘aahs’ and ‘eehs’. She has started to form some word though, calling her sister ‘Iz’ or ‘Bel’. She will clearly say yes, no, there, hello, bye bye, go, ta, baba, Mama, Dada, Clara, ball, dog. She knows that a cow says ‘moo’, which is really cute.

Little poser
As soon as I pick up my phone or camera, Clara pulls this crazy face, screwing up her cheeks and eyes and doing a huge grin. She will often grab my phone and grins manically at it, trying to take a selfie. I’m not sure whether to be embarrassed, worried or impressed! We took her to get some professional photos taken last week, and she was properly strutting her stuff – she was channelling Zoolander in there with the blue steel looks.


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  1. Great post! The children and I watched the vlog, they loved the finger painting bit! And what a natural Izzy is at presenting (as are you!). Our youngests are the same age and into very similar things (wiping EVERYTHING with wet wipes!). Hope Izzy has made a full recovery 🙂

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