We now officially have a school-aged child. On Friday, Izzy had her first day at infant school. She woke up at a reasonable time (7.20am  – which is pretty reasonable for a 4 year old!) and came out of her room wearing only her pyjama top and squealing ” I’m a schooler! I can’t believe I’m actually going to big school today!” She was so excited she wanted to get dressed straight away, and was ready a whole hour before we needed to leave the house. Which of course meant that I had to redo her hair three times as she was looking bedraggled before the rest of us were even ready.

At least we had plenty of time for the ‘first day at school’ photo, and the beaming smile on her face pretty much sums up her feelings that morning.

When we arrived at school, she was impatient to get to her class, but then went quiet when we got there. That didn’t last.

We left her, feeling proud and a little sad, and when we returned 3 hours later she was happy but exhausted. She made new friends and played with old ones (from preschool), explored the school and checked out the toys and games, and played outside in the playground.

I wasn’t worried about her at all. She has been going to preschool for the past 2 years and nursery before that, so she has no issues adjusting to new surroundings and spending time away from her parents. She is confident and outgoing (OK, bossy and chatty!) and knew quite a few kids in her class already. She has also met her teacher a few times,  including earlier in the week at a home visit, where she insisted on showing the teacher her bedroom!

She is more than ready for school and all the wonderful things she will learn. Still, it was an emotional day.

Starting school isn’t just a huge milestone for Izzy, its a pretty big thing for her little sister too. Izzy got my undivided attention for the first year of her life, and then for the next 2 shared me with work. Then Clara came along. Clara hasn’t had the same attention. Even with Izzy in preschool, our days were restricted and planned around drop off and pick up times, usually only giving me enough time to do the shopping or housework and hope that Clara would nap.

Now, we have two whole days just the two of us, to go to toddler groups and swimming and play dates with other children her age, rather than her desperately trying to keep up with the big kids. She can actually play with toys without her big sister taking over and ‘helping’ by pointing out how she is doing the puzzle wrong, or not playing with the Duplo properly. We will be able to read the books she wants to read and sing the songs she wants to sing.

We will both miss Izzy, but we will also be enjoying some Mummy-Daughter time.

I can’t believe I have a “schooler”. I don’t feel old enough to have a school-aged child. The dark circles under my eyes and the frown lines tell a different story, but I definitely don’t feel old enough for this!


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11 comments on “First day at Infant School”

    • I think we have managed to settle into a good routine, so far its working well! It’s a huge change but I’m so proud of how Izzy has settled in.

  1. It is so lovely that Izzy was excited to go to school and I am sure a huge relief for you! It is sometimes harder for those left behind – but as you say , you will now be able to share ‘special’ time with Clara. I have 4 children and have past that stage with mine but I remember the feelings I had very clearly. It is certainly a new chapter in your lives! I hope Izzy continues to enjoy school. Thanks for sharing #KidsCorner

    • Thank you for stopping by! It’s huge for both Izzy and Clara but I love that Clara has time to develop her own personality and not just be ‘Izzy’s sister’. So far its all going well with school!

  2. What a cutie. I’m glad she has settled in so well at school. My son has just started pre-school which is attached to the school that he will go to next year and he has settled in beautifully so I’m hoping this will be the case when he starts ‘proper’ school next september.

    Visiting from #kidscorner

    • It’s the same with Izzy, the preschool is right next door to the infant school, and since Christmas the kids from the preschool were visiting the infant school once a week, which has made the transition so much easier! They all got to meet their teacher and play in their new classroom.

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