Countdown to starting school
Izzy starts school on Friday, which seems quite late compared to most other schools. So be warned, the ‘first day of school’ photos are still to come! At the weekend we took her shopping for school shoes, and she is over the moon with them. I didn’t even realise until I went to label them the next day that they had a little toy car hidden in the heel – which meant that Izzy has now been trying to rip the insoles out of all her shoes looking for hidden gifts!
I also spent a considerable amount of time hand sewing name labels into all her polo shirts, cardigans, skirts, pinafores, PE t-shirts and shorts, while wishing I’d just paid the extra couple of quid for the iron on labels. At least these ones should stay put through the wash!

Bike Fan
We took Izzy out on her bike, for the first time this year (I know, that’s pretty terrible!) Considering she hasn’t been on it for so long she was flying around the park! Even when she fell off she just shouted ‘I’m ok!’ and carried on going. We’ve booked the balance bikes for her at Centre Parcs this winter, so I think after that it might be time to remove the stabilisers.


Back Home
I spent most of the week away – with friends and then for work – and then catching up on washing and housework when I returned. So it was really nice to have a lazy weekend with my girls, as I had really missed them.


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