This week has been less accident filled, although Clara did get stung by a wasp at nursery. She took it in stride though. And, my appeal for last week’s parking fine was successful, after I emailed the company to explain that Izzy had face planted the floor, thus making me late.

Feeling sorry for herself My friend and I made the most epic birthday cake ever. We spent all of Saturday giggling our heads off at the awesomeness of it. And luckily the recipient of said birthday cake was just as pleased with it. We incorporated a real live little fishy into the cake, although don’t worry, he was soon rehomed in a fish bowl. I will be writing a blog post about how we made it!

Real fish!

Sunday I headed out to the Lake District to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday. My glee at being child free for a whole 2 nights was very much epitomised by the 6 of us drinking prosseco out of paper cups in the carpark of the caravan park. Before noon.

Rowing in the Lake District

We went rowing on the lake during the day, then went for a meal and drinks. I was very impressed that I managed to stay out until 3am (these days an hour usually only seen accompanied by a screaming child), albeit in a club where the floor was so sticky my feet actually left my shoes on several occasions. It was a great night, followed the next day by abandonment of all plans in favour of sitting in the caravan, with duvets and snacks, and watching films until it was time to go for tea.

I missed the girls and got huge hugs when I got home. I think Hubby missed me more though, as Clara had a bit of a tummy bug while I was away… let’s just say he had to make an emergency stop at Asda for car cleaning supplies and there’s not a clean vest in the house!

This week on the blog…
We made lego crayons and chocolates!

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