A series of unfortunate events
We have been having a shocker over the past few days! On Thursday I was rushing back to the car park when Izzy face planted the floor. I then had to carry a very heavy and inconsolable 4 year old with one arm while pushing the pram with the other, and got back to the car 14 minutes late – the traffic warden was already writing out the parking fine when I arrived, bleeding and crying child and all!

Friday didn’t get any better. Clara headbutted a chair, getting a nice little bruise on her forehead. Which is all part of finding her balance and exploring. However, back at home, Izzy shouted that Clara was climbing up the stairs. I ran through just in time to see her half way up, teetering backwards on the edge of the step before half falling, half back flipping down the stairs. She hit her head on the way down but I caught her just before she reached the ground. Typically, she only cried for 20 seconds, while I’m still shaking 3 days later!


Yesterday just topped it off. Before we even left the house, Clara headbutted the wall (she was running round with a baseball cap over her eyes). While we were enjoying a nice trip out to the Lake District, Izzy fell over and got bitten by a hungry goose. Relieved to be back home, Clara then somehow ripped the flap of skin behind her top lip and was bleeding everywhere! So we had a family trip to A&E, Izzy in her pyjamas and everyone else in blood splattered clothes.

Luckily everyone is fine, although my nerves have taken a beating!

Trucks, face painting and play dates 
Izzy was lucky enough to have 2 play dates this week, plus lots of time playing with her cousins at Grandma and Grandad’s house, and a visit from Nana and Grandad. She made a decoupage lighthouse (I didn’t know what one was either) at a craft workshop and played with some school friends at the soft play. We spent Saturday at Stobart Fest in Carlisle, where there were lots of Eddie Stobart trucks, and on Sunday we had a picnic in the Lake District. So its not all been mild peril!

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4 comments on “This week… 17-23 August”

  1. I had to smile at the accidents – I wish I had a pound for everytime one of mine had fallen down the stairs, out of a tree, over the edge of the sofa. I now convince myself that these type of things are a right of passage through their childhood years/

    • I’m sure there will be a few more accidents to come – although we are going to put up a stair gate at the bottom of the stairs now as Clara is determined to climb at any opportunity!

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