Izzy is starting full time school this year so I’m really enjoying our last few weeks together and just wish we had more time to do fun stuff. However now we are halfway through the summer holidays, I know some parents will be praying for the start of term! So here are some ideas for things to do with the kids during the holidays.

1. Teach kids about food and plantlife by helping them to grow their own. We are currently growing tomatoes, sweet peppers and coriander, and Izzy loves watering them and seeing how much they have grown.

2. Picnics are always a winner with my 4 year old. It doesn’t matter what the weather – if it’s raining we simply put a blanket out in the living room and eat sandwiches and treats from a cakestand.

3. Help the kids to make a kite – which you could then go to the park to fly. Stick two drinking straws together to form a cross, use sticky tape to attach a diamond shape cut out of a plastic bag, and securely tie on some string.


4. Bake. Cakes, biscuits – anything that kids can really get involved in. They can help measure the ingredients, mix, decorate – and of course lick the spoon afterwards!

5. Try your hand at face painting – and let the kids try it too. They could paint each other’s faces, or yours if you don’t mind looking silly! (I did clean this off pretty quickly – I had visions of the postman knocking on the door and getting a fright!)

6. Make a ‘Big Art’, like on Disney Junior’s Art Attack. Use clothes, towels, toys, plastic plates and cups – anything that’s easy to clean up again!

7. Make a fairy house out of whatever you have lying around. Izzy’s is made from a teabag box, with coloured paper inside on the walls and a square of leftover carpet for the floor. The roof is made from two paper plates and a toilet roll tube covered in paper mache, painted brown and decorated with some cardboard leaves.


8. Make a goal to learn something new by the end of the holidays. A few words in another language, a short tune on a musical instrument, how to spell some new words, how to ride a bike or tie shoelaces.

9. Have a dressing up day. Pirates can go looking for treasure, fairies can pretend they live in pixie hollow and build a makeshift house out of sheets, and camels…. well they can do whatever camels do, of course.

10. Have a family film night. Or afternoon – especially if its raining! Get out the blankets, snuggle on the sofa with hot chocolate and popcorn and watch a new film – or more likely in our house one that we have seen a million times already! (Frozen, anyone?)


4 comments on “10 things to do in the school holidays”

  1. Aww what a great list of things to do – my little one is still too young to go to school/playgroup but i will need to defo think of things to do in the 6 week holidays as i could see us going nuts! haha! Thanks for sharing! Suz x beauisblue.com

  2. Some brilliant ideas here and I love the face painting…not sure I’m that brave though as there’s always a child or two knocking to call for my son’s and no doubt I’d scare them!
    Thanks for linking up to #picknmix it’s just reopened 🙂

    Stevie x

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