Kids, like adults, need to keep active. According to NHS guidelines, children under 5 should be moving for at least 3 hours a day – this includes light intensity activity (walking and standing), as well as higher intensity activity (running, jumping, dancing, swimming etc).

When its raining outside it can be easy to spend the entire day stuck in the same room, doing static activities and generally being lazy. And I do love lazy days. However, any type of movement is better than none, so here are some simple ways to help keep the kids – and you – active even when its horrible weather outside.

  1. Try some yoga with Cosmic Kids on YouTube. The videos use storytelling to create gentle and fun yoga routines for children. Even Clara tries to join in!

2. Throw a dance party. Put on some tunes (even Disney, though Izzy loves a bit of Uptown Funk or anything by Taylor Swift) and dance around like fools.

3. Get the kids to put on a dance show. They can have rehearsals, make up their own routines and dress up. This not only keeps them active, but the ‘rehearsals’ keeps them busy while you have a cup of tea get some jobs done.


4. Play some active computer games together – such as Wii Sports. They will be having so much fun playing the games they won’t even realise they are exercising!

5. Rope them into helping with the housework. Make it fun by putting on some music, setting a timer and/or turning it into a race. A clean house is an added bonus!

6. If you feel like braving the weather and leaving the house, check out what activities are on at your local sports centre, take the kids swimming or let them run off some energy at the soft play as a treat.

7. If you have space, set up an obstacle course/treasure hunt around the house so they have to climb over things, crawl under things and do different challenges like 10 star jumps or hopping on one leg for 30 seconds.

8. If all else fails, get out the wellies and the waterproofs and chuck the kids out in the garden to let off some steam. (I however will be watching from the dry kitchen with a hot brew).


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5 comments on “8 ways to keep kids active when it’s raining”

    • Thank you. When one (or usually more!) of us is ill, we can be stuck inside for days. This summer has been pretty rubbish too with all the rain!

  1. Ha ha, love the yoga photo of them watching the instructions. N would love this, although he’d never stay in one place for long. Thankfully I just send him out on the farm with his dad if needed.

  2. It will give your kids an enhanced sense of ownership of their own home and keep the entire family active in the process. What better way to be active, learn together, and encourage healthy eating?

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