It’s been a week of firsts and lasts for our two girls – Clara got her first pair of shoes and Izzy had her last day at pre-school. Both were big moments as our little girls are getting so big.

wpid-2015-07-21-06.54.04.jpg.jpegClara got her first pair of shoes from Clarks, now she is officially walking! She has come on loads in just the past week, even walking a grand total of 12 steps before falling over. Her feet are really wide so she needed a size 3H, but her shoes just look so little and cute. She seems very happy with them and when she walks a few steps she looks so proud of herself.


Now the Summer holidays have started I’ve got to keep Izzy entertained for 7 weeks. Hopefully we will get time to do some arts and crafts as we haven’t had chance to do much lately! On Saturday Izzy picked a Frozen pizza for tea. As in, a pizza with a picture of Anna and Elsa on the box. Is anything safe from the Disney phenomenon! She agreed to share it with Clara and they both sat at the little table eating pizza and watching Sofia the First. Usually they have to eat at the table so this was a little treat as we were having girls night – Daddy was away for the weekend. Clara looks so small compared to Izzy, yet so big that she is now able to sit on the chair on her own, happily stuffing her face!

wpid-img_20150718_184549.jpg wpid-img_20150718_184300.jpg

I even managed a couple of evenings out this week – for a work leaving do on Monday and belated birthday tapas with my friends on Tuesday. The desserts were amazing – after all the meals out I have had lately its unsurprising I had to go buy some industrial-strength holdy-in knickers for this weekend’s wedding!



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9 comments on “This week… 13-19 July”

    • She keeps holding up her feet to show everyone as she’s so pleased with them! Aw I’m sure he will like them when he realises he can walk outside if he has shoes!

  1. My son has a melt down when he went for shoes in Clarks. I was so embarrassed that I now just buy a few sizes and take back the ones that don’t fit. I think it must be genetics as I don’t know anyone with a son who enjoys going for shoes! Your little girl looks thrilled with them. Look at the concentration in their faces eating the pizza. Lovely photo. Well done on getting your third article on Huffington Post x

    • Thank you. Oh no, though buying a few pairs is a good idea. I’m sure someone told me they had bought a foot measurer online for clarks shoes, so they could measure their child’s feet at home and then order online.

  2. Oh, Clara looks adorable in her new shoes! Pumpkin was an H for her first pair too – but her feet really slimmed down and now she’s down to a more manageable F. I love the photo of the two girls sitting at the table together and LOOK AT THOSE DESSERTS! I’m drooling. 🙂 #myweekataglance

    • Izzy’s feet slimmed down a little too – she is in an F now so hopefully Clara’s will too as she gets bigger. The desserts were immense, I’m going back to the same place next week for my friend’s birthday, I don’t think I’ll be able to avoid temptation!

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