First steps
This month we have had first steps! On Father’s Day Clara took two steps on her own, and since then she has taken a few steps here and there. She has great balance when she is stood up and will happily dance away for several minutes without falling over, but she was just a bit reluctant to take that first step.
imageRow row row the boat
This is Clara’s favourite song at the moment and I couldn’t believe it when she took hold of both my hands, started rocking back and forth and saying ‘row row’. She is very vocal. She isn’t really saying many more full words, but she is making a lot of the right sounds like she is trying to say the words – she loves playing with a ball and will say ‘ca’ for catch, and ‘bow’ for ball. ‘No’ has also made it into her vocabulary!

If you say ‘Where’s Clara?’ she covers her face with both hands. Then uncovers her face and starts laughing. She will play this game for quite a while! Sometimes she will use a bib or toy to cover her eyes and this game is guaranteed to put a huge smile on her cheeky face

Little helper
She likes to help me tidy up. If I start putting toys in a box she will come over and start picking up the toys. Of course most of the time as soon as the box is full she tips it all over the floor again but at least she is trying to help!


She also likes to clean her highchair tray with wet wipes and she really likes having her teeth cleaned! She is a big fan of bathtime too and will splash water all over the place.


New friends
She has settled in great at nursery. When I drop her off in the morning I love it when her little friends who are only a few months older than her are shouting her name and are happy to see her. She hardly ever cries now – of course it helps that as soon as we arrive she knows it is breakfast time!

Playmates and sisters
Clara and Izzy have started playing together now. Usually Izzy takes over but it is nice to see them both sat on the floor playing with musical instruments or the toy garage.

Clara especially loves Izzy’s kitchen and will happily play for ages with the cups and plates. The tea trolley has saved us buying a baby walker as she pushes it up and down with all her toys on!

Little gnashers
It’s hard to keep up with how many teeth she has now. New ones have popped up at the back of her mouth but trying to get my finger in there to check is mission impossible. She clamps down with her teeth and laughs manically until I manage to prise my tooth-indented finger out of her jaws.



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    • She has suddenly started walking! She must have found her confidence as now she can walk quite a few steps before she inevitably falls over!

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