We started the week with our 2nd Wedding anniversary on Monday. The day didn’t get off to a great start when I got a phonecall from Clara’s nursery at 9.30 to say she had been ill. Her Daddy had the unenviable job of leaving work to look after her through the worst of the stomach bug but by the evening she was feeling much better and we still managed to have a nice evening with steak and gifts.

imageThe celebrations continued the rest of the week for my birthday. When it was my 30th last year, Clara was only about 6 weeks old so she was too young and I was in no fit state for any major celebrations! Hubby suggested we postpone the celebrations and have a roll-over 30th this year instead. And it was worth the wait.

On Thursday we headed down to the Trafford Centre in Manchester for some lunch and shopping before going to the Legoland Discovery Centre. That was awesome, Izzy loved it and we spent a good few hours there – but I will post more about that this week!


We had tea at TGI Fridays – complete with embarrassing birthday song and free cocktails – and I opened my presents from Izzy and Clara.

The In-laws picked up the kids very early on Friday morning so Hubby and I headed to the Chill Factore where I tried skiing for the first time with a one day beginners course. It was fantastic – really hard work and every muscle in my body is still aching two days later but definately worth it. I was really nervous at first but once I got my confidence I loved it and I feel really proud of myself for giving it a go.


Afterwards we stopped for a well-earned drink before heading round the corner to the Premier Inn. It was tempting to just fall straight asleep as we were so exhausted from skiing but we wanted to make the most of a child-free night. We went to the Odeon at the Trafford Centre to see Jurassic World. It was good – a predictable modern day follow up to the original, but worth a watch. That was followed by tapas at Pesto and a cheeky Bellini at the Champagne Bar before we had to admit defeat as we were both so tired.



Saturday brought more shopping with a trip to Ikea to buy lots of things we never knew we needed and then we collected the kids. It was Clara’s first ever sleepover without Mummy or Daddy but she did just fine. She wasn’t fussed at all, but I did get huge hugs off her when she saw me!


It’s been a lovely but exhausting week and today we have had a lazy day of recovery, building Izzy’s new Frozen Lego, watching the Lego Movie, eating birthday cake and having a couple of gift-bearing visitors. Clara also picked today to progress from making 2-3 steps to now being able to walk 4-5 steps at a time. I won’t be surprised if in a couple of weeks she is running around the house!


This week on the blog
I haven’t posted anything or joined up with any linkies as we have been busy/away. I will have to make an effort to get back on track this week, especially as I have lots of blog posts half drafted in my head to catch up on!


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7 comments on “This Week… 6-12 July”

  1. Firstly, happy anniversary and happy birthday! Looks like you had a fab week and some proper adult time. It’s good to remind ourselves who we are/were before we had kids isn’t it. Love the picture of your daughter next to the lego figure. Her expression just says it was one of the best day of her life. I must admit I was giggling at your husband keeping hold of the candles. Genius! #myweekataglance

    • Thank you. She really did think it was one of the best days of her life. She keeps going on about ‘next time we go to Legoland…’ I think we might have to go to the one at Windsor next! The candles are almost bigger than the cake!

  2. Wow! Such a busy week! Happy belated anniversary. I love the lego cross stitch and that cake looks scrummy. I’d love to see Jurassic World, but I think it’s going to have to wait until it’s on Sky Movies – and even then it might be a while! The photo of Izzy with the giant lego is adorable. Thanks for joining #myweekataglance!

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