First Sports Day

Izzy had her first ever sports day at pre-school. She had to wear shorts and a tshirt so in the morning she picked her Manchester City kit to wear – much to the delight of her Daddy. There were 4 races in total – sprint, egg and spoon, beanbag and space hopper. Izzy lined up with three of her classmates for each race and proudly waved at us from the starting line. She has been coming home from pre-school for weeks now telling us that they have been practising for sports day, and she has been really looking forward to it.

She was brilliant at balancing the beanbag on her head. Her little legs couldn’t quite manage the space hopper though and she struggled a bit but she didn’t care that she was last – she was having the time of her life.

It was lovely hearing the kids all cheering their friends on, and afterwards they all got a medal which is now one of Izzy’s prized possessions!


First BBQ of the year

And it may well be the last looking at the atroscious weather outside! It’s currently pouring down but on Saturday the sun was shining and the four of us sat in the garden and had enjoyed burgers and hot dogs. And Daddy and I may have enjoyed a jug of Pimms – which was more hair of the dog for me as I was feeling rather delicate from, well, sitting outside in my friend’s garden the night before drinking Pimms and prosecco and wine and Mojitos and frozen woo woos.


Carnival Fun

On Saturday we went into town to watch the carnival – Izzy waited patiently for ages with her two cousins to watch the dancers and floats go by. Some of Izzy’s friends from dance class were taking part – but Izzy didn’t get picked for the float and I thought she was a bit too little to walk all that way (without whining) so maybe next year! She still had lots of fun though, and played in the park afterwards, going on a merry go round and having a go on the hook-a-duck.

Princess Fire Fighter Izzy

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