Wafer Wisps are an organic and healthy snack for babies and children. They are made with grains, fruit and vegetables and contain no added sugar or salt.

I like the idea of these, as the kids will snack all day long if I let them, so I like to have plenty of healthy snacks available.



Clara wasn’t sure at first. I offered her them on a few different occasions – sometimes she would just have a little taste, other times she would eat most of a wafer.  Then I offered her one with some laughing cow cheese spread on it – and she was delighted. I think she found them a little dry on their own. They would probably be nice with some hummus or other dips – still a healthy snack!


A mum of three from Northern Ireland created Heavenly when she was frustrated by the limited range of organic and nutritious baby food available, especially for children with allergies. Heavenly have now started selling their products in the UK at Ocado. Each box contains 6 separate packs of three wafers, RRP £2.19.


We were kindly given 2 packs of Wafer Wisps to review.


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