Family day trip
After a mammoth 9.30 lie in on Saturday morning (both kids had been up quite a lot during the night) we decided to go out for the day. First stop was Castlerigg stone circle, where we had a picnic. Izzy enjoyed racing around the circle, playing hide and seek behind the stones and playing ‘tag’. Then we headed into Keswick to feed the ducks and go for a walk. And of course visit the chocolate shop!




Big school
In September, my little girl officially becomes a big girl as she starts school. Her Pre-school is right next door to the Infants and she has been spending a little bit of time each week since January exploring her new school, checking out her classroom and meeting her teacher.

On Monday we had an induction meeting. All the parents, sat on teeny tiny chairs in the hall, listening to the headmistress tell us all about the rules, what they will be learning and what to do on the first day. Izzy is really looking forward to going to reception class. It’s a little sad that she is growing up so fast, and I will miss her when she is at school on the days I don’t work, but she is so ready for ‘big school’.

On Friday all new starters were invited to attend the school for dinner, so they could see what it is like. Izzy met a couple of children who will be in her class and when she finished her lunch she went up to the dinner lady, said thank you and told her she had had a lovely time. Obviously sucking up early to make sure she gets generous portions!

This week on the blog

The lovely Mara from Hook, Thread and Tinker featured my pregnancy and birth story on her new blog series, Mums Around The Globe. You can read my story here.

We made a memory jar full of baby keepsakes.

I’ve also been doing some research on going self hosted. I want to stick with wordpress and I think I’ve found a host, but I just want to make sure I’m well prepared and I’ve thought of everything before I take the plunge! Any advice or tips would be gratefully received.

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6 comments on “This week… 22-28 June”

  1. I really like how much they prepare the children for ‘big school’ it must really make a difference to their confidence, I still remember being terrified!

    Gorgeous photos 🙂 I have no advice for WordPress I’m still on blogger and paying someone to move me over!!

    Becky xx

    • It really gets them used to being around lots of other children, they know where their classroom is and they have met their teacher, so hopefully the first few days won’t be as daunting! I’ve found a host and they are going to transfer everything for me – I just know it would take me ages to do myself!

  2. I can’t believe how much effort goes in to preparing them for school. Must definitely take the anxiety out of it (a little) for both child and parents. The teeny chairs are fab aren’t they. I sat on one for 30 mins watching a school production. I looked like a gnome! Have a good week #myweekataglance

    • Izzy has never once cried or fussed about going to nursery or preschool – I will be surprised if she is nervous going to school. I would be though – it’s a huge change but she is just taking it in her stride!

  3. Oh, your day out looks so lovely – the view in that second photo is gorgeous!

    Going self-hosted shouldn’t be too difficult since you’re already on WordPress. I think people have difficulties when they go self-hosted AND switch to WordPress from blogger.

    Thanks for joining #myweekataglance!

    • Thanks, I’m definatly going to go self hosted, hopefully will get everything sorted over the next couple of months! Just got to try and fit it in with everything else…

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