A memory jar is a cute way to store and display some keepsakes and mementos from baby’s first year.

  1. Find a large jar and lid. For her birthday, Clara was given a pair of pyjamas in a jar – when we went to use the pyjamas the jar was too cute to just throw away, and that’s what gave me the idea of reusing it as a memory jar! You could either buy a jar, or recycle one. Just make sure that if it has had food in you give it a really good wash and sterilize it before putting your precious keepsakes inside. Warm, soapy water will easily remove sticky labels.P1100948

2. Decide what you want to put in it. We chose:

    • Clara’s first ever baby grow, that she wore on the day she was born
    • Teeny tiny scratch mitts
    • The little pink hat she was given in the hospital by the midwives
    • Her hospital bracelet
    • The cross she was given at her christening
    • A small piece of ribbon from her christening cake
    • A scan picture

3. Place the items carefully in the jar. Clothing will need to be rolled up quite tightly and placed in the centre of the jar, with smaller items around it.P11009524. Cut a circle of material to cover the lid, and secure with a thin rubber band.

5. Add a ribbon or piece of string – We used the tag that was placed on Clara’s cot in the hospital which has her name, date and time of birth and weight on it.P1100956



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  1. That’s such a sweet idea! I need about a dozen to store all the things I’ve managed to save…! Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

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