We have been enjoying the temporarily nice weather this week, with a picnic in the garden, a walk into town (and back up the killer hill!) and a trip to the park – which ended in this face when Izzy didn’t win Piggy in the middle after 5 seconds of playing:

2015-06-13 14.09.27

Other than this tantrum we have had a lovely few days. I finished work on Wednesday just in time for Clara’s immunisations. Literally just in time – I arrived just after my Mum had taken Clara into the nurse’s room so I hurried to join them. She cried a little and gave me ‘the look’ but she forgave me soon enough. Especially when I let her have a couple of chicken nuggets at McDonalds afterwards!


Enjoying a hot dog after a walk down to the harbour

Looking cute in her summer outfit!

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4 comments on “This week… 8-14 June”

  1. The weather makes such a difference doesn’t it. I’m glad you made it in time for the immunisations, I would forgive you too if I had MacDonald’s..ha!

    Have a lovely week,

    Becky xx

    • Thanks, I’m pleased I made it too. I’m sure she would have been fine without me but I think she would have preferred a mummy hug!

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