My baby isn’t so little anymore – soon she will be moving into toddler territory! Now a one year old (!) here is a look back at the past month and all the new things Clara has done.

  • Loads of firsts! First time on an aeroplane and a bus, first holiday abroad, first time on the beach and in the sea – lots of new experiences and family memories!image

  • Pointing is a new trick. She will point at food/drinks/toys and grunt until you give her whatever or whoever it is that she wants. It’s a very cute way of her telling us what she wants.
  • She has become a right little chatterbox making lots of new sounds – baba (dolls or babies), Hiya, Clara, “nana” (night night or banana!). Sometimes it sounds like she is trying to say Isabel and Grandad too.
  • Dancing is one of her favourite things to do. She will wiggle and wave her arms to any music. The funniest thing is watching her copy Izzy at dance class – moving her head from side to side and trying to click her fingers. And she loves a bit of Uptown Funk!
  • We have a little flirt on our hands! On holiday she loved blowing kisses to all the waiters, waving and smiling at them. Just like Izzy did the first time we took her on holiday!image
  • This month I stopped breastfeeding. We had started introducing the odd bottle of formula here and there a few months back and then this month I started by cutting down on a feed at a time until I had stopped altogether. Clara has not had any issues – she didn’t seem to mind at all. She will happily guzzle away a full bottle of formula.
  • She loves trying lots of different food. Strawberries are still her favourite – she has a huge grin on her face when you show her them and gets quite upset when the bowl is empty!
  • Clara started nursery, which is going quite well considering she isn’t used to being apart from me!image
  • A ninth tooth (on the bottom left) has made an appearance, helping her eat strawberries at the speed of light!
  • And of course to top off the month she celebrated her first birthday.

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13 comments on “12 months old”

  1. Love the cake, so cute! My little lad is not fond on the strawberries but never refuses them either. Only a couple of months between our two… they grow way to quick don’t they? Thanks for linking up with #linkalist

  2. Oh how adorable! Aidan turned one a couple of weeks back but refuses to talk at all.

    Thanks for joining #linkalist x

    • Thank you. Clara goes crazy for strawberries! She has just tried raspberries and blueberries too which went down well – her sister refuses to eat them though!

  3. Such a lovely post – wow on the 9 teeth. Thats more than little J had at this age. watch your fingers haha Thanks for linking up to #ToddlersAndTeens

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