In April we went to a family wedding –  my Husband’s sister got married near Manchester so we spent a few days down there. We’ve just got the amazing photos so I wanted to share some of my favourites.


Izzy was very excited about being a flower girl. She couldn’t wait to get into her dress and sat lovely while the hairdresser plaited her hair. By the time the photographer arrived, she was in her element. She was on first name basis straight away, asking her to photograph her princess shoes and posing like a little model. Camera shy she is not!



We sat down to wait for the ceremony to start and Clara fell fast asleep. I think it was the musicians playing the Star Wars theme that did the trick. A few minutes later and Izzy walks in. As she gets to the front of the aisle she looked worried. “I forgot to throw the petals!”

I think walking down the aisle in front of everyone was a bit nerve racking. She did throw the petals on the way back down the aisle though – she was feeling a bit braver by then!


When it came to signing the register, Izzy stealthily ninjas her way over into the photos, swapping her basket of petals for the maid of honour’s bouquet.  She did this a lot through the day as she just wanted a bouquet to hold so she could pretend to be the bride!


Outside for photos Izzy got bored quickly so we resorted to bribery with promises of a trip to the Disney Store. This worked long enough to get her to smile for some group shots before we moved back inside where a magician made Izzy a balloon flower and showed her some tricks. She came running over to us, amazed. “That man… He is MAGIC!”


She kept photo bombing people. There will be lots of people looking at their photographs after the wedding and realising there is a child they don’t know just happily stood posing. I think Izzy may have been in more photos than the bride! She also worked the room, chatting away to people she had never met before, giving them her life story.


During the speeches Clara kept joining in with the applause which was so cute. Izzy laughed at jokes she didn’t get – including one time she laughed really loud and everyone else then laughed at her. She got really self conscious then and put her head on the table sulking.


Later on, Izzy owned the dance floor. I let Clara have a crawl around before other people started to dance and it was cute watching the two of them chase each other giggling. Izzy showed off all her newly acquired moves from dance class and would only let me on the dance floor if I took part in her lesson, with her pretending to be the teacher.


I danced with Clara until she fell asleep in my arms to a bit of Bowie. We managed to get her in the pram still asleep, but we didn’t stay at the reception  much longer. Once Izzy started to cry because people wouldn’t dance how she wanted them to (bossy much!) we knew it was time to leave! She was beyond shattered but very happy.


Wedding photos by Dantuma Photography – follow them on Twitter @adantuma.

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