I return to work in a couple of weeks (sob) after an amazing 13 months on maternity leave. Clara will be spending her time between my parents’ house and nursery. So this week she has had some settling in sessions.

I was nervous as Clara has spent very little time away from me. Izzy has never been clingy and took to nursery without any problems. Clara is a bit more of a Mummy’s girl.

imageTuesday was Clara’s first hour in nursery. When I dropped her off she seemed quite happy so I left without making a fuss. No tears from either of us. If she even realised I’d gone she didn’t show it! It was reassuring to know that she had been fine the whole time and had joined in happily with snack time (ok the latter wasn’t much of a surprise!) When I collected her she crawled straight over to me and gave me a big hug as if she had missed me. Which was lovely.

The next day she spent another hour there. Again she was fine except for when one of the other little girls fell and started to cry. Clara then started crying too! Bless her. I got another huge hug when I collected her.

Today was a 2 hour session. This time Daddy dropped her off and she had a little cry. I don’t know whether to be offended or not that she cries for Daddy and not me! She played with the other boys and girls and went outside for a little bit. When I went to pick her up she crawled straight over and snuggled in sucking her thumb. It’s tiring work being a sociable baby.


I’m really pleased with how this week has gone. I was quite nervous as I didn’t think she would take to it very well. Of course an hour or two is different from a full 10 hour day but it’s a great start to get her used to the ladies and used to being away from me!

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  1. Oh my gosh Clara is so cute! Look at her backpack!!! I’m glad that she is settling in – I think it’s probably more traumatic for us than them :).

    • Thanks. I’m using one of her big sister’s backpacks for all the nappies and spare clothes. I think Clara could probably fit in it herself!

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