Proud little dancer
After 2 months of dance classes, Izzy had her first medal test this week. She has been practicing for weeks and telling everyone about her new outfit. She had 5 steps to learn and we had been practicing a lot.


She stood on the stage with another little girl and boy and they all looked so small. The music started and they all did the first step. .. and then carried on doing the first step over and over! They just looked at each other as they weren’t sure what to do next. She then skipped round in a little circle and did a beautiful curtsey. A few more children did their dances and then they all came back on stage together to get their medals. When Izzy was handed hers she looked so proud and had a huge smile on her face.


She might have forgotten her dance but she did so well to get up on that big stage with all the bright lights in front of everyone. When we went shopping afterwards she wanted to show everyone her medal and she took it to school today to show her teachers.

Me time
I’ve managed to get a rare bit of time to myself this week – painting at WI one evening and then a spa day on Saturday with my sister. It was lovely and relaxing. I had a facial (and fell asleep!) and a manicure, went swimming and used the sauna and jacuzzi. I even went to the gym for a little bit. And then relaxed by the pool (and fell asleep again!). It was so nice just to have a relax in the midst of a very busy couple of months. It feels like it’s non stop at the moment so just being able to chill out without mentally running through my to do list was amazing.

I also spent last Sunday in bed and Monday recovering from illness on the sofa (and blubbing at Grey’s Anatomy) while Hubby took the kids out for a few hours. So I guess I have had quite a lot of me time this week, though not all of it good!

Building site
We are currently getting a new wall built in the garden as the previous one was threatening to fall down at any moment. Which means the outside of our house is a building site. We can only get in the house through the garage and there is mud everywhere. Izzy is loving it as she likes to talk to the builders or watch them out of the window. I will just be pleased when it’s finished and everything is cleaned up!

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  1. Haha, I love little kids dance recitals. It’s much better when they make a wee mistake. Well done her for getting up there in the first place. I’d have refused!

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