In just 3 weeks Clara will be one year old! As we approach her first birthday, I look back at all the amazing things she has learnt or done in the past month.


1. It always amazes me when I say something and Clara understands and responds for the first time. I asked ‘Hands up who wants toast’ and straight away her arms shot up in the air. She is able to understand a few simple directions and communicate with us in her own way. If Izzy has something she wants (usually food) she will stretch her arm out and grunt. And of course when she doesn’t want something she will shake her head. Or throw her food on the floor which she has just started to do!

2. She now understands the words hug and kiss, and she will give big sloppy, snotty kisses and snuggles. Which is just adorable. I have to admit it would be better without the snot, but it’s still adorable. There’s nothing nicer than her leaning in for a kiss and then resting her cheek on my chest, thumb in mouth and the other hand round my neck.

3. Two more teeth have popped up on the bottom row. That’s a whopping 8 now! No wonder she is having no trouble at all when it comes to chewing food and she seems to prefer to eat the same as us where possible.

4. She is learning some new words – she will say ‘ta’ when handed something, and ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ when waving. Sometimes it sounds like she is trying to say ‘Isabel’ and it comes out ‘a-bel’. Mama and Dada are clearer and used more when she wants our attention or is pleased to see us rather than just being random sounds.

5. She is so laid back. Just happy taking in everything around her. But sometimes she can be a little clingy with me which Izzy never was – while its nice that sometimes only Mummy hugs will do, she is starting nursery soon and I want her to settle in well!

6. At her health visitor check up she weighed 19 pounds and 3 ounces, perfectly average for her age.

7. Firsts this month…

First wedding
First time on a swing

First easter (and first Easter egg)


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7 comments on “11 months old”

  1. She is so adorable!! Love this post as I can compare with Simon. Simon isn’t talking, but much of the other is the same… really hoping for Mama soon 🙂

  2. Oh the wedding photo is just adorable! I love this run down of her first 11 months, so cute and great for her to have this record 🙂 Her communication sounds amazing, although you were asking for toast…everyone loves toast, right?! 😉 Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

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