Garden Fairy
Izzy has enjoyed playing out in the garden this week. Clara stayed in the kitchen with me while I tidied up, and she spent the whole time stood at the back door pining after her sister. She loves her so much; it won’t be long before she is running around outside with her too.


Teething trouble 
Two new teeth have popped up this week for little Clara, making 8 in total. Poor thing has been struggling a bit, especially at night. It’s taken a bit longer than usual to get her to sleep and she has been really clingy with me. Teething gel seems to be helping a little bit but hopefully she will be over the worst of it in a few days and we can get back to our nice 12 hours sleep a night! (For Clara, not me. It’s been a very long time since I’ve slept for 12 hours!)

Showing off her teeth!

Back to the 90s 
I decided to tackle (well, start tackling) the many, many boxes of letters, photos, cards and random crap mementos around the house. Reading some of the old letters from my childhood pen pals was both hilarious and horrifying in equal measures, taking me back to what it was like to grow up in the 90s. I loved Boyzone, 911 and Aqua(!), and I’d spend my pocket money on stickers, nice writing paper and notebooks (ok, so the latter hasn’t changed much!) We wrote about seeing Titanic at the cinema, being allowed to go ‘down town’ on a Saturday afternoon with our friends and what level we had managed to get to on our Tamagotchis. I even had some of the first emails I received printed out. It was a huge novelty at the time but its something we now take for granted. I know social media has now taken over, and everything is so instant, but I hope that the girls have pen pals when they are older as I used to love getting handwritten letters. And they are great to look back on and cringe reminisce!

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