New pushchair
When Clara wouldn’t sleep this week and was being really clingy, I thought I would try out the new pushchair – and she was asleep in minutes! I have found a new best friend!

2015-04-19 22.00.40

Bubble fun!
Paddy’s Bathroom are hosting the world’s first Bubble Barber for tots on the 26th and 27th April. Inspired by this, Clara modelled some soapy hairstyles at bathtime!

2015-04-15 15.32.29

2015-04-15 15.31.53

Unfortunately we can’t make it (as we live the other end of the country!) but if you are in the London area your little one could be rocking an iconic celebrity hairstyle made of bubbles. If you are interested in going along to the pop-up salon in Soho, visit the Paddy’s Bathroom Facebook page for more information.

Party Time
We went for a lovely Sunday lunch today to celebrate my Dad’s 70th Birthday. It’s usually quite tricky to get us all together as my parents have 5 daughters and 10 grandchildren, so at a family lunch we generally take over the place. My Dad loves taking photos so I made a camera out of icing to go on the top of his cake. Around the sides I put some strips of icing that had photos printed on, like a film strip, which I bought from a shop on eBay.

IMG_20150419_145225Izzy was on her best behaviour which was nice after a stroppy week (her being stroppy, not me) and my sister randomly gave her a camel outfit so as soon as we got home she was dressing up and pretending to camel race. Thanks to her Daddy, who was showing her YouTube videos of racing camels.


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