It’s been a busy first week of the Easter holidays as we have been down in Manchester for my sister-in-law’s wedding and then to Gulliver’s World yesterday (both of which I will blog about this week). We got back late last night so today has been spent in our PJs, watching Planes 2 and the Lego Movie and eating a lot of chocolate. And writing this post for the second time as I published it earlier and for some unknown reason it has completely vanished! So frustrating! But anyway, for the second time today, here goes.

Easter Fun
We started off the week with an easter egg hunt round at our friend’s house. Izzy loves her friend Charlie – they are like an old married couple sometimes. Fighting one minute and laughing their heads off at each other the next! The first thing Izzy wants to do when she goes round to play is raid Charlie’s dressing up box so she can be a superhero.


Izzy painted some boiled eggs as yellow and purple minions and I think she did a pretty good job!

We went to the cinema at the Trafford Centre to see the new Dreamworks film ‘Home’. On the way to Manchester we stopped at McDonalds and Izzy got a toy from the film in her Happy Meal – McDonalds and the cinema being two of her favourite places!

We took Clara with us but she was a bit restless throughout the film . When she needed a feed I had to sit in the aisle as she is getting too long for me to feed her in the cinema seats! Luckily it wasn’t very busy in there.

Disney Treats
On Friday we headed back to the Trafford Centre again, where the girls both got a new toy from the Disney Store, thanks to their Nana. Izzy picked an Ariel doll, and I picked a Princess Sofia one for Clara. They have some Sofia the First bath toys and whenever I put Clara in the bath she reaches round for the bag of toys straight away. No matter which ones I offer her, she always picks the Sofia one. When I showed her the doll in the store her face lit up with a big beaming smile.


Izzy is obsessed with Ninjago at the moment and always wants to watch the cartoon on tv. When we went to the Lego shop she just wanted to find the Ninjago toys. She had her heart set on one with Skylor in as that’s her favourite character, but it was £25 and as she had already had a lot of treats we said she could have a small set. She says she is going to save up the pennies in her money box to buy the Skylor one.


Going home
It’s been a lovely few days away but after 4 very late nights in a row and any kind of routine thrown out the window, the girls were shattered. Plus Hubby has Man flu, which I fear he has now passed to me (I will be much braver though). Today has very much been a day of recovery!



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