Easter parade
This week Izzy was excited to take part in the Easter bonnet parade at pre-school. She was really proud of her hat and I made some cakes for the Easter fayre.


Music fan
On Friday it was Clara’s second rhythm and rhyme class at our local library. Half an hour of singing, dancing and playing musical instruments with other babies under one. She loves shaking the maracas and she especially likes a song called “Let’s all clap our hands together”.

She has also started to clap her hands as soon as I begin to sing “If you’re happy and you know it” as she recognises the tune. I think some musical instruments may make it onto the birthday present list (though I may live to regret that).

Clip n’ Climb
On Sunday we went to my niece’s 11th birthday party at Clip n’ Climb. Isabel loves being with ‘the big girls’ and is desperate to be able to do all the things they can do. Last year, at my niece’s 10th birthday, she tried rollerskating for the first time and absolutely loved it.

So this year she was excited to try climbing. She was a bit scared at first and when she fell about a foot off the first wall the metal clip hit her in the face which put her off a bit. But she got a bit more confident and tried a few more climbing walls, and even though she only managed to get about a foot off the ground on each one I was really proud of her for trying. And she was super proud of herself. The climbing walls are suitable for ages 4+ but I do think she was just a bit too small.

Back home she asked if we could go back another time “When I’ve grown a bit”.

Meanwhile, Clara enjoyed tucking into some birthday cake!

Holiday buys
We are going on holiday in a couple of months and now the summer clothes are in the shops I’ve been collecting a few things. I was really pleased with this week’s purchases from Matalan. These matching dresses for Izzy and Clara are just too cute!


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