We made…
Pom pom insects. Izzy woke up with a gunky eye on Monday so I kept her off school and we spent the morning doing “arts and crafts” at her request to keep  her occupied.


We went…
To the park to play and fly Izzy’s homemade kite. The weather has made it hard to get motivated to get out and about but I’m determined that we are going to get more fresh air – if only spring would hurry up and get here!


We bought…
New shoes – again! Izzy was determined to have black shoes this time because all the little girls at pre school wear them. I have put off buying her black so far because I think she should wear fun, bright colours when she is only 4, but I have to admit they do look pretty smart with her school uniform. She couldn’t be happier with her bunny rabbit shoes and ran straight to show her teacher this morning.


I blogged about…

Quote of the week

Izzy: “I like your hair Mammy. You look like Mulan when she was a boy.”

I’m not sure how to take that. It sounded like there was a compliment in there somewhere – but only if I don’t mind being told I look like a boy!

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