Clara is a massive fan of the Ella’s Kitchen pouches, and I never have any trouble getting her to eat them. In fact she usually finishes the entire pouch in a matter of minutes. So I was pleased when the lovely people at Ella’s Kitchen very kindly sent Clara some Stage 2 baby food to review. Her first ‘job’ at only 8 months old!

We received her favourite Spaghetti Bolognese plus the Chicken Roast Dinner, which is a product that we hadn’t tried before.

P1090800The ingredients in all Ella’s Kitchen products are 100% organic, and each recipe is carefully flavoured and seasoned to create a delicious meal. I know they taste delicious judging by the speed and delight with which Clara polishes off the entire pouch – plus I may have had a cheeky taste myself. They always smell amazing too – quite often my husband and I will be quite envious that we are not having the pre-pureed version of whatever tasty sounding meal she is having that day, be it Moroccan chicken or veggie moussaka. Considering Clara has only been on solids for a couple of months the girl has been spoiled!

The ‘Lip Smacking Spag Bol’ contains 12 different ingredients, including beef, a selection of vegetables, cheese, garlic and mixed herbs. It’s the additional flavours and herbs which make Ella’s Kitchen products stand out from some of the other brands of baby food we have tried, which have seemed a bit bland.

The ‘Cheery Chicken Dinner with Stuffing’ was another hit with Clara. The breadcrumb and mixed herb stuffing added some texture to the food, and the variety of 5 different vegetables made for a healthy and filling meal. The Stage 2 pouches, which are suitable for babies 7 months and older, have small lumps of food in them so they are perfect for little gums and first teeth that are getting used to chewing.

I really like the convenience of the pouches – the food can be served straight from the pouch onto a spoon. They don’t need to be kept in a fridge (unless they have been opened) or warmed up so they are ideal for meals on the go. No messy bowls, no need to find facilities to warm up food – today we went to the park after picking Izzy up from pre-school and it was so handy to just pop a pouch (of roast pork dinner) and a spoon in my bag for Clara so we didn’t have to rush home for lunch time!

I like the fact that we can give Clara a convenient and healthy meal without compromising on taste. Seeing some of the different meals and the ingredients used have also inspired me to be a bit more creative with the kind of home cooked meals I make for Clara too.


For more information about Ella’s Kitchen or to order some of these yummy meals for your little one, visit You can also keep up with the latest news by following @EllasKitchenUK on Twitter or liking their page on Facebook.

Please note, Ella’s Kitchen sent us the featured baby food in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.


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    • I do try and make a lot of home made food too but sometimes it’s just far more convenient to use shop bought! Plus it allows them to try new flavours that you may be wouldn’t make at home

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