It was half term here so I’ve been trying to entertain Izzy for the week which hasn’t been easy given the weather, being unwell and Izzy generally being in a wicked mood. On Monday she was hitting out and throwing toys around in a temper tantrum and we have spent most of the week trying to recover from that!

We baked…
Yummy gingerbread men. Izzy decorated the biscuits (and the entire kitchen floor) with teeny tiny sprinkles, many of which have evaded the vacuum cleaner three times already. We also finally assembled the world’s smallest gingerbread house, which has been hiding in the cupboard since before Christmas. While decorating it, Izzy announced “I love Christmas. It makes my heart sing”



We went…
To the Metro Centre at Newcastle. It was a successfull trip of sorts – I bought a new dress for the first of 3 weddings this year but I still need shoes and a bag (another shopping trip it is). Izzy went on a ‘bouncaloon’ as she calls it (one of the bungee trampolines) and had a massive grin on her face as she kept telling the guy who was helping her that she wanted to bounce higher.

We painted…
Pottery at the Crafty Workshop. Izzy picked a lion, and her cousins (2 and 6) picked a rabbit and a squirrel. She picked the colours and painted it all by herself, though I did paint the eyes and nose. I particularly like the headband she has added. Then Izzy, Clara and their cousins decorated a mug for their Auntie by using their fingerprints to create flowers.



We enjoyed…
A tea party with a tiger! Inspired by a post on Let Them Be Small, we decided to have a picnic of jam sandwiches in the living room and read The Tiger That Came To Tea. A lovely rainy day activity.


We heard/saw…
Some cute new milestones from Clara – she has finally started to say Mama (as well as Dada and Clara) and has started clapping and waving this week. And she looks so proud of herself when she does it.


I blogged about…

I discovered…
Some new linkies, including the Weekend Book Club over at Let Them Be Small.

Quote of the week
Izzy: “Argh, there is a spider in my ear!”
Me: “It’s just your hair.”
Izzy: “Oh. Ok.”

*Carries on eating brioche, nonchalantly*

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