The ‘Lost My Name’ books tell the story of a child who wakes up one day and has lost their name – so they set off in search of it meeting a host of wonderful characters along the way. Each one gives the child a letter which then spells out their name.P1090713

You can choose a book for a boy or girl from, and each one is personalised with your child’s first name and a message on the front page. We ordered one for Clara’s first birthday and it arrived within a week. I gave her a little sneak peek at her present already! The story is charming and original, and the characters are diverse – in Clara’s book she meets a Chameleon, a Lion, an Aardvark, a Robot and an Angel! The images are beautifully drawn and the artwork spans across both pages of the A4 sized book.

Even though Clara is a little young at the moment to fully appreciate this book (she’s 8 months), I’m sure once we give her it for her birthday she will like to look at the pictures and then as she gets older it is a lovely story which she will hopefully enjoy for many years.


At first I thought that £18.99 was a bit pricey for a paper back book but the personalisation makes it a unique and special gift, ideal for birthdays or christenings. Plus when you order your first one you receive money-off vouchers for any further orders. Another bonus is that when you enter your child’s name on the website you get an instant preview of the book so you can see what it will look like before you buy – and I’m pretty sure as soon as you see it you will want to order it straight away! In fact, we are already planning to order several more as gifts for upcoming birthdays.


Please note that this review is my personal opinion and we purchased this book ourselves.

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  1. I bought a book for Simon not too long ago and I love it! He’s still too young, of course, but considering it’s a book that is going to be replicated and replicated, I thought that the story was unique and the characters are quite special. I think it works best if the child has a long name, of course.

    • Thanks, it is definately worth it, I do love personalised things though especially as it’s hard to find things with my daughter’s name on unless it’s made to order.

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