We celebrated…
Valentine’s Day with our gorgeous girls.



We went…
To see Penguins of Madagascar at the cinema. Izzy sat lovely, thanks to a family sized bucket of popcorn on her knee. Clara was more interested in watching a little girl who sat behind us, and eating rice cakes and bread sticks, most of which ended up down my top!

We made…
Heart shaped footprints on a canvas as a Valentine’s Day present. Clara was not fussed about having paint put on her feet. She just happily sat there with a quizzical look on her face, wiggling her toes in the squelchy paint. Unfortunately we just didn’t get enough time this week to make any more Valentine’s themed crafts or do any baking – baking is definitely on the list for half term.

We watched…
The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds on Channel 4. I would love to be a fly on the wall at Izzy’s preschool. I think Izzy is a mix of Jessica and Christian from SLO4YO- always wanting to be everyone’s friend but also very bossy assertive. Yes, we will go with ‘assertive’.

We enjoyed…
Getting some sleep! We started putting Clara to bed about 7.30 rather than just (rather lazily) letting her stay downstairs with us until she got sleepy. One week in and it’s going really well. Some nights its takes over an hour to get her to actually go to sleep, but she is then only waking up once in the night for a feed. Last night she managed a full 11 hours, no middle-of-the-night feed! I’m trying not to get too excited by this though as I worry it might just be a bit of a fluke and won’t last. But it has been nice to get some time to ourselves in the evening and start getting into a good bedtime routine.

I blogged about…
Valentine’s Crafts

Quote of the week

Izzy: “I am going to marry two boys. One can do the gardening and clean the floors. One can do the cooking and washing.”

“And what will you do?”

“I will sit on the sofa and have a cup of tea and watch telly and have a nap.

I don’t know where Izzy gets her view of married life from, is that really what she thinks I do all day?!

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