We went…
For a walk around Buttermere in the Lake District. I can’t believe Izzy walked almost 5 miles without too much complaining! I was pretty tired myself – I don’t know how her little legs managed it. It did take us over three hours but we had lots of fun having a picnic, scrambling over some rocky paths and going on a bear hunt through a cave. Izzy did get a bit upset when a dog stole the stick she was carrying, but she did recover and spend the next half an hour chasing the dog and throwing more sticks at for him.



We made…
A roof for Izzy’s fairy house, using paper mache. She has been working on it for the past couple of weeks, adding bits to it every few days. Today she was cutting out washing machines and lamps from the Argos catalogue to stick inside it. She is very into Tinkerbell at the moment and is convinced that if we put the house outside we will get fairies living in our garden.

We ate…
Pancakes. The plan was to take photos for a pre-pancake day blog post. But I forgot as we were too busy eating them. Oh well, I suppose we will have to make some more this week.

We watched…
Mulan. THREE TIMES. Courtesy of Disney Movie Rewards. If you are a Disney fan and you haven’t discovered this website yet then you need to sign up. Every Disney DVD contains a code inside the box which gives you points (100 for a DVD, 150 for a Bluray). You can then claim free DVDs via the website from as little as 500 points. We have added quite a few to our collection this way.

I blogged about…

I read…
Lots of new blogs thanks to some of the linkies I took part in this week, including The List, Toddler Approved Tuesday and the blog hop Blow Your Own Blog Horn.

Quote of the week
Izzy: “Clara, why are you chewing your toy cow? Are you hungry? You can’t get milk from there you know. You need mummy milk. You can’t drink milk from a cow – that’s disgusting!”

Said while eating coco pops. In cows milk. Cue me explaining where milk comes from!

I’m trying this new format to round up what we have been up to each week. Do any of you do weekly round ups on your blogs? Please link in the comments and I’d love to check them out!


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    • Thanks, there are lots of little things that I want to share that don’t make up their own blog post, so thought this might be a good way to include those things. I’m going to check out your blog now 🙂

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