Yesterday marked the start of National Storytelling Week (31st January to 7th February). My 4 year old loves books, to the point where she can recite her favourites almost word for word.

When we decorated her bedroom, we were keen to have plenty of storage for all her books, that she could easily reach herself. We also wanted somewhere comfy for her to sit and look at the books herself (and read once she is at that stage).
imageSo we created this reading corner. I like that we can display some of her books so she can easily choose which one she wants. We regularly move the books round between the shelves and the bookcase so that she rediscovers books that she maybe doesn’t notice when they are crammed into the case.

The books are displayed on picture rails from Ikea. The bookcase was also an Ikea bargain for £12 and the beanbag was from Amazon. I love the Once Upon A Time sticker, although I have to confess I only just got round to putting it up last week despite having it for about 8 months! It was quite fiddly to put up and did take about an hour but I think that was partly because the wall isn’t very smooth.

This reading corner is one of my favourite features of our whole house. I think I love it even more than Izzy does but she does enjoy spending a lot of time sat on her beanbag looking through the books or selecting books for us to read.

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