There are lots of things I like about breastfeeding – and here are eight reasons why I’m in no rush to stop. Of course there are also some drawbacks (leaky boobs are never a good look!) and it’s not for everyone, but I have had a positive experience so far. I’m not getting into any breast milk vs formula debate – I’m pro-doing-whatever-works-for-you – so there is no offence intended, this is just a light hearted post about my experience of breastfeeding. Please share your own breastfeeding benefits in the comments below!

  1. I’m pretty lazy
    The last thing I want to do in the middle of the night is come downstairs and prepare bottles in the freezing cold kitchen.
  1. It’s quicker
    No making sure there are enough bottles sterilized and waiting for the kettle to boil/bottle to cool, all while trying to comfort a very hungry and impatient baby. For instant comfort, just add boob.
  1. I can travel light
    It’s hard getting out of the house with a baby. Even harder with two kids. It makes rushing out of the house in the morning a lot easier when all I need to remember are some baby wipes and a spare nappy. No having to pack sterilized bottles, a flask of hot water and individual pots of formula powder – I can’t very well forget my boobs.
  1. I can feed wherever and whenever
    No making sure I have the right facilities to make up and cool down bottles. Or warm up pre-prepared ones. Sure I need to remember to dress for easy access, but I can feed straight away in the car, in the street, in a café – wherever my baby gets hungry.
  1. It’s nice to sit down (again, I’m pretty lazy)
    Some days I’m so busy rushing around getting everyone ready, school run, cooking, shopping, cleaning, being pestered for snacks and drinks, finding lost toys, fixing broken ones and redressing Anna and Elsa for the hundredth time (seriously, stop undressing your dolls if you can’t get their clothes back on!) that the only time I get to sit down all day is when I’m breastfeeding. Or on the toilet, but even that’s done with a strict time limit. I get approx. 5 seconds before I hear either “Maaaaaaammy, I need a wee!” or “Maaaaaammy, whatcha doing?”
  1. The cake
    Stopping breastfeeding means I’m going to have to start watching what I eat, but at the moment I need to replace all that energy somehow. It seems far less indulgent stopping at Costa for a hot chocolate and cake when I’m breastfeeding. And eating an entire family pack of mini eggs in one sitting is also acceptable. (I so just did didn’t do that while writing this post.)
  1. It’s great for bonding
    Ok, so far all these reasons have been pretty superficial, but having that special one-to-one time with your baby (especially if you have older children demanding your attention) is priceless. It is a few minutes of calm to connect with your baby in an otherwise hectic day.
  1. Baby loves it
    The cute faces she pulls as she’s feeding and the smile on her face when I even say the word ‘milk’ makes it all worthwhile – even the leaky boobs.

Despite this, I’m all too aware of the downside to breastfeeding and there’s lots I’m looking forward to once I stop – but that’s a whole other post!



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        • I never fed in public with my first as I was so self conscious but I once I’d tried it with my second I felt a lot more comfortable and now have no issues feeding in public. I would recommend a big scarf – good for covering up during feeding and hiding any baby sick afterwards! Good luck!

  1. Totally with you kiri! My hubby tried to do a night feed with expressed milk. It was a disaster! BF is just so much easier; once you get the hang of it anyways! (Its def worth the blistered nips! And dont get me started on the twisted contortions my abused nips are now capable of! Lol) x

    • My hubby was doing nightfeeds last week as I had an operation – all I heard was how tired he is because he’s been up everynight for a week! Try every night for 7 months straight! Much easier and quicker to do it myself. Defo hard at first though with the bleeding nipples, now I barely feel anything. Which is just as well as she’s got 4 teeth! x

  2. Totally agree with all the things listed here, I am lazy too! It was hard to start with but once Boo and I got in to the swing of things it’s so great, I love cuddles with Boo, she is 13months now and feeding cuddles are the only ones I get because she is too busy playing to hug mummy!!

    • It didn’t with my first but with my second little girl it has worked out much better. I’m surprised we have managed 8 months I thought I would have stopped a lot earlier.

  3. Yup I agree with all those reasons – especially the cake!! I fed anywhere and everywhere and never had a nasty word or a dirty look. I think often people didn’t even realise I was feeding, it just looked like I was holding a baby 🙂

  4. Yup I agree with all those reasons – especially the cake!! I fed anywhere and everywhere and never had a nasty word or a dirty look. I think often people didn’t even realise I was feeding, it just looked like I was holding a baby 🙂 #brilliantblogposts

  5. Yes yes yes, totally agree with all your points! I love oxytocin buzz you get when feeding too – best legal high ever! Certainly counteracts the lack of sleep I get from my boob monster. #brilliantblogposts

    • I certainly don’t miss having to do constant night feeds though! Luckily we are down to just one feed most nights so slightly less sleep deprived now. It’s amazing what our bodies do to help us have the energy to keep going

  6. I agree with all of theses points. It was so hard at first but I am glad I perservered as it is so much easier and I love the bonding <3 Formula is expensive too and we are living on a budget! Also always reassuring to see that I am not the only one still doing night feeds even at the 6 month mark- and lots of them in our case! x

    • Clara is 10 months now, sometimes she will sleep through, other nights she will be up for a feed still! Formula is really expensive, we only use the odd bottle of formula now and again so luckily a box of formula lasts us for ages at the moment!

  7. Fab post! Every time I think about stopping breast feeding, I think of the cake and sitting on the sofa for a bit of piece and quiet every now and then!

    Popping over from #BrilliantBlogPosts

    Becky xx

    • Thank you! Clara has really cut down on her milk feeds now she is 10 months, and I can feel all that extra cake starting to take its toll. Gutted I’m going to have to start watching what I eat now!

  8. I could only breastfeed with nipple shields as my son couldn’t latch, so breast-feeding didn’t last long. I moved onto expressed breast milk, so instead of waiting for the kettle to boil etc, I had to spend 10 mins expressing so I could feed in a bottle. Breast feeding was something I was very passionate about, but in the end feeding my son was all that mattered. However, i totally agree with all of your points and really hope I can breast feed naturally with my next baby x #brillblogposts

    • She gets formula milk sometimes now. She’s ten months old and I will stop breastfeeding before I go back to work in a couple of months time. Expressing milk takes so long – I really hated having to express so that I could leave the baby for a couple of hours, I couldn’t imagine having to express all the time. Like you say, the most important thing is feeding your child. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I loved breastfeeding. I fed up to 11 months, when my milk ‘dried up’.
    I don’t see why public opinion seems to label breastfeeding as more work. It’s clearly the formula companies influencing things! On a few occasions when we tried to give Little F a bottle – so we could go out – it was a nightmare of him screaming while we got the bottle ready!

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