This has been a big month so far for Clara.

She has moved into her own room this week and has taken to it surprisingly well. The only reason she wasn’t in her own room a couple of months ago is because we were using her room as a dumping ground over Christmas and hadn’t got round to clearing it out yet! But even though I know its time, I’m quite sad that its the end of another ‘baby stage’.

P1090597Her laughter is infectious and frequent, especially when Izzy is anywhere near. She giggles away as her big sister chatters and sings, always reaching out to hold her hand or grab at her hair or glasses. She loves being close to her. It’s been evident since day one, but the bond between them becomes stronger each day and it is lovely to watch.


Having found her balance she is able to sit unaided really well – at Christmas she was only managing to sit up for a few seconds at a time but now she happily will sit and play with her toys. She has also worked out that she can get around by shuffling backwards on her tummy – especially fast on the wooden floor.


Food does not stand a chance. As well as trying more new flavours (Apricot, avocado, red pepper, lamb, chicken) she has been getting to grips with some finger food – broccoli and bread sticks are firm favourites – and eating a lot of fromage frais.



She’s had her first taste of formula milk and luckily we’ve had no problems getting her to take a bottle. For the past week we have been combination feeding due to me spending a night in hospital and being too sore and tired to feed her once I got home. Now we are back to breast feeding during the day but having a bottle during the night so that I can get a bit more sleep. It’s made a hard week a whole lot easier.


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