My biggest little girl turned 4 this week. For months now she has been telling us that “It’s so hard being 3. Sometimes you are naughty when you are 3, but you are good when you are 4.”

So everytime she is being cheeky I remind her of this. If anything her behaviour is getting more diva-ish. I thought that we wouldn’t be having the whole “You are not going out dressed like that” argument for about ten more years, but last week we had a full on tantrum because I wouldn’t let her wear tights to go to the softplay.

“But I need to wear tights, because tights make me feel special!”

To be honest, I had no real issue with her wearing tights (aside from the fact they always fall down as she runs around, leaving her baring her bottom), but because she kicked off so much as soon as I asked her to put jeans on, I then had to stick to my guns. Half an hour into the tears I almost waivered but eventually she got dressed (in jeans) and we were able to leave the house. Almost in one piece.

Then this week she came downstairs and fluttered her eyelashes at me, showing me that she was wearing pink glitter on her eyelids. And all over her cheeks. And arms. And I let her go to school like that. Mainly because we were already running late and it was a toss up between dealing with a massive tantrum at that time of morning or having the teachers think we are auditioning for some channel 4 show about pagaent pre-schoolers.

We probably haven’t helped by getting her a dressing table for her birthday. Now she won’t leave her room in the morning until she has ‘made herself beautiful’ – which mainly involves brushing her hair then messing it up again by attacking it with toy hair straighteners. I suppose its a case of copying what she sees me doing, but as I barely have 5 minutes to get ready in the mornings she doesn’t get her vanity from me!



We celebrated Izzy’s birthday with a party at the soft play (this time I did let her wear tights – afterall it was her big day) and as requested I made her a Frozen cake. She kept asking me when we were going to sing happy birthday, only because she knew she wasn’t allowed to eat any cake until then. Her actual birthday was two days later. She jumped out of bed in the morning and stood up as straight as she could.

“Look Mummy, see how big I am now I am 4.”

Our very proud 4 – going on 14 – year old.


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2 comments on “4 going on 14”

  1. She is adorable, my eldest just turned 5 and it’s scary how quickly they grow and how temperamental they can be! Love that she has her own strong personality, knows what she wants and goes for it, even if it means glitter for school! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

    • Thank you for your comment. It goes so quick I can’t believe how much of a personality kids develop so early on. I was never as confident or cheeky as she is, she must get that from her Dad!

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