Clara’s first Christmas mainly involved her being dressed up as an elf and trying to eat wrapping paper.

Of course she had no clue what was going on but it was still lovely to see the look on her face as she took in all the lights and brightly coloured decorations, listened to Izzy’s animated renditions of Jingle Bells and tried to eat the carrot that was left out for Rudolph.

Izzy had Christmas sussed this year. She could still remember some things from last year but had a much better grasp of what was going on. She dictated wrote her letter to Father Christmas, as well as telling the big man on three separate visits what she would like – Elsa and Anna dresses, walkie talkies and a Lucy dog. She was also very insistent that he shouldn’t forget about Clara and he had to make sure that she was on the nice list and bring her a new teething toy. Because she’s been very good and she has a lot of teeth you know. Santa got quite the back story.

Christmas did bring a lot of questions.  Some about how exactly Santa knows if you are good/fits down the chimney/can manage to fly around the world in one night. The ‘go to’ answer for all Santa related questions is “Magic. It’s just magic.” This year though Izzy was interested in the nativity and asked me to tell her about Jesus. Which involved some racking of my brain to recall what I learnt in sunday school, and a fair bit of improvising.

“And the wise men brought gifts. Not useful things that you would need when you’ve just given birth, like vests or a pack of nappies. Nope, they brought incense and smellies.”

One of my favourite moments had to be when Izzy started to sing that most famous of festive tunes, ‘When Jesus got stuck up the chimney’. That’s when she wasn’t walking around town loudly saying “Let’s pretend Clara is baby Jesus, I’m the big sister and you are Mary. Oh baby Jesus, have you done a poo?”

A lovely first christmas as a family of four.

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