Pinterest has been inspiring me with its wealth of Christmas crafts, and I especially love the festive hand and foot prints. Having already sent cards and made tree decorations, I wanted another way to show off display some of Izzy and Clara’s artwork – so I made it into bunting to hang over the fireplace.


  1. Decorate brown hand prints with a splodge of red for a nose and glue on some googly eyes to make a reindeer.
  2. Use black or dark blue card as a background for white snowman footprints, and add a nose, eyes and buttons – and of course a hat and scarf.
  3. Turn green hand prints upside down to make a Christmas tree and decorate with colourful baubles and a star on top.
  4. Using 3 colours, paint red across the top of the palm and on the thumb, a peachy/skin colour on the middle of the palm and white on the lower palm and finger – sounds messy but the result is a hand print shaped father Christmas!
  5. Cut out the shapes and mount on a second sheet of paper or card.
  6. Use pegs or paperclips to attach to a pretty Christmas ribbon and hang up!



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