Clara is six months old. How did that happen? Where have the last few months gone?

She now has three teeth – which have seemingly sprung from nowhere – and a week ago we introduced food. The greedy girl just can’t get enough. She wolfs down the portions of pureed carrot, parsnip, apple or pear and then cries when its all gone.


I’ve been freezing portions of fruit and veg in small pots and ice cube trays, defrosting what I need each day to save time. But none of this starting with one or two ice-cube sized portions, oh no – within a week she is having 6 cubes worth at a time, 2 meals a day (on top of her usual milk feeds) and still wanting more.

I made homemade food for Izzy but soon shop-bought jars and pouches became a much easier option. This time I want to try and make more homemade baby food and try different flavours and combinations.

I have this Annabel Karmel book, which I highly recommend. Izzy loves the pasta recipes, and many of the toddler recipes are suitable for the whole family. I especially like the satay chicken kebabs.

These pots from Jojo Maman Bebe are great for small portions and the trays keep them tidy in your freezer.


You could also use a regular ice cube tray and once the puree is frozen, tip into a freezer bag.


I like the convenience of the Ella’s Kitchen pouches so I have bought some reusable plastic pouches from Wilkinsons to make my own homemade version. I haven’t tried them yet though.


There are a lot of mini blenders sold specifically for making baby food, but some of these are quite expensive. A hand blender is all you need to make purees, and you can pick up those for around £10. Much easier to clean too than having to disassemble various blades and attachments.

Now all I need is a bigger freezer to store all the purees, Izzy meals and breastmilk in!

5 comments on “Best Buys for Weaning”

  1. Hey, can you buy the pouches in whitehaven wilko or just online? Anna loves the screw on spoons with the pouches, and much prefers them to being spoon fed. I have been wondering if you can buy ones you fill yourself! Won’t waste a trip if you came buy them in store. Thanks.

    • Hi, yes I got the pouches and screw on spoons from the whitehaven one but they didn’t have many in. You can buy some from mothercare too but they were more expensive and not sure if those ones were reusable.

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