Today, my little Clara got her first tooth. She has been drooling like crazy the past week and biting anything she can get her gums on, and finally today I felt the sharp little tooth, on the bottom right. We have been keeping a couple of teething toys to hand and using some teething gel, but she’s been a bit upset and unsettled for a few days now.

Luckily it hasn’t affected her sleep at night and as yet the tooth isn’t far enough through to be causing too many problems with feeding. Its a little uncomfortable but I’m not looking forward to when it comes further through! When she bites down with just her gums its bad enough, nevermind with teeth, but hopefully I will be able to continue breastfeeding for a while longer.

Talking of which, Izzy’s preschool teacher told me today that Izzy has been putting dolls up her top and saying she is feeding them milk. This was after she asked if Clara was ok now. After seeing the look of confusion on my face she explained Izzy had told her how I had to take Clara to the hospital last night because she was ill, and Izzy’s Daddy took her to a bonfire night party at her cousins house where she had sandwiches and cake and watched some fireworks in the garden.

None of this happened. Not even close.

On the way home from preschool she continued the tale, saying how she was scared because it was dark in the garden and the fireworks were loud so her auntie said she could sit on her knee and they used torches to see. Such an imagination, she was so convincing she almost had me doubting myself!

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    • Its not too bad so far, but it looks like she’s close to getting one at the top too. Poor thing. Would have liked a couple more months teeth-free!

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