Wearing fancy dress and getting sweets off the neighbours? Of course Izzy loves Halloween. Plus it’s a great excuse for some themed baking and crafts. Here’s some of the activities we’ve been up to…

1. Spooky Spiderweb Cakes
Cover cupcakes with melted plain or milk chocolate then pipe on a spiral of white chocolate. Drag a cocktail stick from the centre of the cake to the edges to create a spider web effect, and decorate with spiders. The plastic ones pictured are available in Asda, but you could use printed or drawn pictures attached to cocktail sticks.


2. Paper Plate Pumpkins
Paint paper plates orange and then add a scary face using black paint or shapes cut out of black paper. Put a hole in the top and hang up with some string.


3. Handprint Bats
Turn handprints into bat wings and cut out for some spooky halloween decorations.




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