A week ago our beautiful baby girl was christened at the same church where Izzy was christened and where we got married last year. Izzy enjoyed dressing up for the occasion in her party dress, and insisted that she wear her christening bracelet as Clara was wearing her’s. She even made up a little song for her sister, “Happy Christening Day”, sung to the tune of Happy Birthday.

P1080858Clara was very calm throughout the whole day, fixedly staring at the vicar and sucking her thumb while he put the water on her forehead. There were two other babies being christened at the same time, both boys, who cried while Clara just looked nonplussed by the whole event. She slept through the meal but woke up to have some photos taken with her cake, when she put her bare foot into the icing, leaving a little footprint. Not sure who got that bit of cake, but I’m sure her feet were clean…

Clara wore Izzy’s christening dress, which fit despite being size 6-12 months, and we had her silver christening bracelet made and personalised with her name and the date of the christening, from Etsy.

I enjoyed adding some personal, handmade touches to the day. For her two Godmothers we went to a local craft shop and printed her two tiny feet on a heart shaped plaque as a nice keepsake. I made the invitations and cake myself, using a small ceramic rabbit from Not on the High Street as a cake topper.

wpid-2014-10-20-19.58.25.png.pngOf course the highlight for Izzy was tucking into the cake. Having cut some bits of cake off the sides to make it smooth, I then found her sneaking some out of the bin! “You do not eat food out of the bin” is not a phrase I thought I would ever have to say. Same with “You do not eat food off the floor” as after our lovely Sunday dinner following the christening, I found Izzy eating a roast potato that she had found on the floor of the restaurant. You would think she never gets fed.

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