Yesterday we took Clara swimming for the first time. I thought we would have a lot more tears as the water was freezing at first but she didn’t seem to mind. She seemed fairly indifferent to the whole thing to be honest. Until the wave machine came on – then she wasn’t happy. We got out at that point – mainly because I was struggling to keep hold of a crying baby and make sure I didn’t get knocked over in the waves at the same time.

She promptly fell asleep while I watched Hubby and Izzy come down the massive twirly water slide. I thought she would have been scared – I wouldn’t have went on the slide myself so she was very brave – but she had a huge beaming smile on her face as she came flying out of the bottom into the water.


I hope she is always that brave and open to adventure. I don’t want her to develop my sense of fear – I hate water slides. In fact I avoid all slides where possible, even the tame ones at the soft play. I think its the sense of being out of control, especially with water slides as I don’t like the feeling when you hit the bottom and sometimes don’t know which way up you are facing.

I was very brave when we went on honeymoon though. On the cruise ship I tried body boarding and surfing on the flowrider. I even managed to stay on the board for a few seconds before falling off and being swept with quite violent force into the back of the florider. The water on those things is really powerful.

Of course my braveness and pride was soon replaced by embarressment when I flashed my behind to quite a number of spectators after almost losing my bikini bottoms. I had just managed to stand up and start rescuing my modesty when the water swept me off my feet again and I sumersaulted into the padded back of the florider, where I laid feeling disoriented and mortified.

Hubby, of course, found this hilarious and even worse happened to be filming me at that precise moment. So my embarressment is now forever immortalized in film.

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  1. Your post had me sitting here chuckling as I too always seem to attract embarrassing situations. Izzy and Clare look adorable. My oldest daughter howled all the way through her first introduction to a swimming pool at the age of 8 months and on the next visit cried when we took her out.

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