Frozen has officially taken over our lives. I know this because of the following things that have happened lately…

1. Izzy can (and incessantly does) reenact the entire film word for word complete with actions and facial expressions. She gives me roles to play but gets really annoyed if I don’t get the words exactly right.

2. Whenever anyone in our house starts a sentence with the words “Do you…”, someone quickly jumps in with “wanna build a snowman?”

3. When trying to guess ‘smile or wind’ with Clara, I can’t help but break out into “I don’t know if I’m elated or gassy, but I’m somewhere in that zoooone….’ (By the way, it’s usually wind.)

4. Whenever anyone says the word ‘Summer’ or mentions the warm weather, Izzy sings “…in SUMMERRRRRRR” at the top of her voice.

5. In the soft play last week I couldn’t see Izzy but I could hear her leading a choir of little girls singing “Let it go”, and then overheard them arguing over which one was going to be Elsa. Izzy won.

6. She has a new imaginary snowman friend called Olaf, who likes to blow bubbles in the garden, and she keeps telling us to be quiet because there is a big snow monster outside the house.

7.  I find myself listening (and singing along) to the soundtrack in the car even when I’m on my own.

I can’t really blame Izzy as she definitely gets her disney obsession from me.

Let it goooooo……


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